9 cocktails with beach background

Beverage Holidays

Two glasses of bloody mary with lemon on a tray with tomatoes

National Bloody Mary Day

Bottle of milk with cows in the background

National Milk Day

Cup of tea on wooden table with a dark background

National Hot Tea Day

Fresh coffee on a rustic table surrounded by nature

National Gourmet Coffee Day

Person holding cup of coffee

National Coffee Break Day

Stacked Aluminum Beer Aluminum Cans

National Beer Can Appreciation Day

Cup of irish coffee

National Irish Coffee Day

Bottles and glasses of wine on red background

National Drink Wine Day


National Margarita Day

Glass of whiskey with ice on a dark background

International Irish Whiskey Day

Two glasses of absinthe lemon and ice on green background

National Absinthe Day

Fresh cocktails on wood table at nightclub

National Cocktail Day

Pour a strong alcoholic drink, be it whiskey, into the glasses that are on the wood.

International Whiskey Day

View of three beers in different glasses

National Beer Day

Retro tea set on table

National Tea Day

Arrangement with delicious bubble tea

National Bubble Tea Day

Fresh lime drinks macro shot

National Lemonade Day

Fresh fruit cocktail ice cold and refreshing

National Beverage Day

Bottle and glass of Moscato with several strawberries on one side, all this in a rustic wine cellar

National Moscato Day

Pouring a strong whiskey into the glasses that are on the wooden table.

World Whisky Day

Cup of tea with lemon and anise on the side

International Tea Day

Glass and bottle of wine on the table with some grapes on a plate

National Wine Day

Beautiful bouquet of flowers and bottle of rose wine on grey table

National Rosé Day

A Dark 'n' Stormy cocktail with dark rum floating gently over ginger beer highlighting the cocktail

International Dark ‘n Stormy Day

Refreshing iced tea on a wooden bar

National Iced Tea Day

A glass with pina colada cocktail, a whole pineapple next to the drinks on a black background.

National Piña Colada Day

Delicious mojitos with lemon and mint leaves

National Mojito Day

Assorted with delicious tequila with lemon

National Tequila Day

Wine with grapes and cheese on white wooden table

National Wine and Cheese Day

Putting a glass fine blended scotch whiskey

National Scotch Day

Foamy beer in beer glass illuminates the bar counter

International Beer Day

A glass of wine in a vintage wooden barrel with alcohol and bunches of fresh grapes

National White Wine Day

Couple celebrating with prosecco on dark background

National Prosecco Day

Pouring some rum into the glasses that are on the wooden table

National Rum Day

A glass of whiskey sour on a marble table

National Whiskey Sour Day

Two cups of tasty lemonade on a wooden board

National Lemon Juice Day

Beer in glass on a rustic table

National Beer Lovers Day

Hot Mexican Christmas punch also called poncho

National Punch Day

Two glasses and a jug of horchata with cinnamon

National Horchata Day

Hot coffee in cup with cream on rustic wooden table

National Coffee Day

View of coffee cup with roasted coffee beans

International Coffee Day

Close-up of glass of champagne and on a blurred background other glasses

Global Champagne Day

Beer on the table with a United States flag

National American Beer Day

Dark beer and lager beer on the outdoor table with the field in the background

International Stout Day

Cup of coffee with a heart drawn in foam

National Cappuccino Day

A coffee maker making espresso in a glass cup

National Espresso Day

A pitcher of sangria and delicious citrus

National Sangria Day

Winter drink called coquito decorated with cinnamon with a Christmas background and a bell

National Coquito Day

Bottle and glasses of champagne on shiny and gold background

National Champagne Day