About Calendafest

Calendafest is a website dedicated to providing extensive information of celebrations, important events, and calendars from around the world.

Our mission is to assist users in discovering and understanding the significance of various global events and festivities, fostering a spirit of unity through the knowledge of diverse cultures and histories.

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Our History

Calendafest was born from the idea of providing information about global celebrations and events adn presenting it with a beautiful design.

This website was started in 2023 as part of Interacti Digital LLC.

Our website features a vast array of articles addressing the celebrations, events, festivals, and dates of importants of all the days and months of a year.

In addition, Calendafest also offers practical tools such as moon phase calendars and countdown timers for key events.

We are deeply committed to continuing our work, expanding our resources to help individuals in understanding and appreciating the richness of global celebrations and events, encouraging a sense of unity and respect for diverse cultures and traditions.