Colorful parrot in jungle

Animals Holidays

Scarlet macaw flying in the amazon jungle

National Bird Day

Majestic bald eagle spreads wings in the air

National Save the Eagles Day

Puppy with a big smile dressed as a cowboy

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Gentoo penguins walking in a colony in Nevada

Penguin Awareness Day

Squirrel at a mini candy festival

National Squirrel Appreciation Day

Herd of zebras with a black background

International Zebra Day

A groundhog in a field of flowers

Groundhog Day

Illustration of hedgehog on the grass

National Hedgehog Day

golden retriever in the park

National Golden Retriever Day

Hippopotamus swims gracefully in the river water

World Hippo Day


World Whale Day

A couple with their dog

National Love Your Pet Day

Purebred retriever puppy walking with its owner outdoors

National Walking the Dog Day

Dog catching a biscuit

National Dog Biscuit Day

Polar bear stuck in the water, sticking its head out

International Polar Bear Day

Caucasian vet examines cute feline kitten indoors

International Rescue Cat Day

World wildlife day illustration in green paper style

World Wildlife Day

K9 veteran dog, with tactical vest

National K9 Veterans Day

Panda bear in nature.

National Panda Day

A farmer with several free-range hens and chicks

National Poultry Day

Little sparrows perched on a branch cute beaks

World Sparrow Day

Several seals resting on the tranquility of an ice floe

International Day Of The Seal

Cute puppy breed retriever running

National Puppy Day

Adorable cat relaxing indoors

Respect Your Cat Day

Fluffy ferret on biology textbook indoors at night

National Ferret Day

Rat calmly aside in the open air at night

World Rat Day

Cute kitten siamese cat indoor

National Siamese Cat Day

Three wet beavers play in tranquil pond

International Beaver Day

Family of ferocious tigers in the zoo, sleeping on top of a log

National Zoo Lovers Day

View of the magical and mythical unicorn creature in a river

National Unicorn Day

Cowshed several animals cowshed illuminated by the morning sun lots

National Farm Animals Day

A girl hugging her golden retriever dog.

National Hug Your Dog Day

There is a cat and a dog sitting together on a blue background.

National Pet Day

Cute and adorable hamster standing next to a glass

Hamster Day

A dolphin putting on a captivating display

National Dolphin Day

A bat flying in the dark

International Bat Appreciation Day

Velociraptor running with its mouth open hunting

National Velociraptor Awareness Day

Cute bulldog puppy sitting looking sad indoors

National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

A white laboratory mouse standing on its hind legs with several test tubes next to it

World Day for Animals in Laboratories

Penguins walking in a snowy colony

World Penguin Day

Tapir with her baby walking freely in the grass

World Tapir Day

Cute puppy sitting next to a fire hydrant

International Doodle Dog Day

Three tuna circling planet Earth

World Tuna Day

Wild koala in a tree

International Wild Koala Day

Very sweet lonely donkey standing in a grass meadow.

World Donkey Day

Cute chihuahua puppy sitting for portrait indoors

International Chihuahua Appreciation Day

Woman going for a walk with her dog

National Rescue Dog Day

Close up of a bee standing on a yellow flower

World Bee Day

Green turtle swimming in crystal clear water

World Turtle Day

Giant river otters feeding in natural habitat

World Otter Day

Guacamaya vibrante posada en la rama en la selva

World Parrot Day

Corgi sitting on a towel on the side of the bathtub

International Corgi Day

Little girl hugging an adorable kitten in the city

National Hug Your Cat Day

A fishing boat in the ocean with a blue sky and clouds.

International Day for the Fight against Illegal Unreported and Unregulated Fishing

Closeup of a green sea turtle swimming underwater under the lights.

World Sea Turtle Day

Bald eagle and American flag

National American Eagle Day

The face of a giraffe in close-up

World Giraffe Day

A family with the world and several zoo animals in an illustration of the transfer of viruses from these animals to humans

World Zoonoses Day

Common bee collecting pollen from a flower in the garden in the countryside

Don’t Step On A Bee Day

View of adorable kitten inside the house

National Kitten Day

Dangerous shark underwater

Shark Awareness Day

Cute girl stroking the mane of a foal

National I Love Horses Day

Pet fire safety logo, which is a dog with two crossed axes

National Pet Fire Safety Day

Fluffy guinea pig sitting on green grass

Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

A creepy viper slithers through rainforest foliage

World Snake Day

The clouded leopard walks in the forest, it is a very rare creature.

International Clouded Leopard Day

Two cats playing with a wool ball

International Cat Day

Dog in a handbag

National Spoil Your Dog Day

Majestic lion lying on a stone in the savannah

World Lion Day

Magnificent elephant in the middle of the countryside in Kenya

World Elephant Day

Blue iguana on a branch on a dark background

World Lizard Day

View of adorable kitten inside the house

National Black Cat Appreciation Day

A bee on a chamomile flower

World Honey Bee Day

Baby orangutan playing alone with sticks

International Orangutan Day

Mosquito sucking blood from human skin

World Mosquito Day

Labrador retriever puppy perched on the chair leaning on the table

National Dog Day

The vibrant colors of a rainbow in nature paint a majestic horizon

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Whale shark in the blue sea

International Whale Shark Day

The cute ginger kitten lying on special cat furniture

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Wildlife in paper style

National Wildlife Day

Cute macaw bird in the living room

National Pet Bird Day

View of wild red panda on a branch

International Red Panda Day

Rhinoceros walking on the field with a clear blue sky in the background

World Rhino Day

The dog sits in the American flag bow tie with the USA flag on the green grass

National Dogs in Politics Day

Delicious lobster on a plate with lemon and tomatoes on the side of the plate

National Lobster Day

A rabbit in a wildflower meadow

International Rabbit Day

Mujer caucásica sosteniendo un lindo cachorro terrier en el interior

World Rabies Day

Labrador retriever with a scarf on his neck, with a background in the forest

National Black Dog Day

Animals standing on planet earth

World Animal Day

A sloth sitting on a branch

International Sloth Day

Grilled salmon fillet with fresh vegetable salad

National Salmon Day

Octopus swims in a tropical reef

World Octopus Day

Cute furry cats outdoors

National Feral Cat Day

Ring-tailed lemur looking intently

World Lemur Day

Adorable cat on the sofa with some yellow cushions

National Black Cat Day

Portrait of adorable pitbull dog

National Pit Bull Awareness Day

Adorable cat on a soft cushion with lights in the background

National Cat Day

Cocker Spaniel eating cake at home

National Cook For Your Pets Day

Wild bison in the field

National Bison Day

Numbat on a fallen log

World Numbat Day

Cute brown dog at the pet shop

National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day

A group of Chinese striped-necked turtles standing on the stone

Turtle Adoption Day

African cheetah walking on savannah looking majestic

International Cheetah Day

Fluffy llama grazing in a beautiful mountain meadow looking adorable

National Llama Day

Various animals such as lion, tiger, elephant, gorilla, zebra, rhino, chimpanzee, meerkat, giraffe, all on a brown background

International Animal Rights Day

Three horses walking freely on the mountain

National Horse Day

Funny monkey with sunglasses

Monkey Day

A child is looking at a giraffe through a fence

Visit the Zoo Day