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Enthusiasts worldwide commemorate International Coffee Day annually on October 1st, donning the hat of appreciation for the tireless efforts of innumerable farmers who toil to cultivate and harvest coffee beans. Apart from exalting the distinct pleasure provided by coffee to its global fanbase, this day illuminates the numerous challenges confronted by the people growing coffee.

International Coffee Day also serves as a beacon to encourage ethically sound coffee trade practices and increase awareness about eco-friendly coffee farming. So, if you are a coffee aficionado, a casual sipper, or directly involved in the coffee industry in some way, this day affords a chance to express your passion and respect for this beloved beverage.

History of International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day is a global event that honors one of the most beloved drinks around the world, coffee. While the consumption of coffee has a long history, the official international recognition and celebration of this drink is relatively recent.

The inception of a day devoted to coffee can be traced back to Japan in 1983, courtesy of the All Japan Coffee Association. Numerous countries, regions, and entities observed their individual coffee days for years. To illustrate, in the United States, people used to celebrate National Coffee Day on October 24, prior to the establishment of the globally accepted International Coffee Day.

The universally recognized International Coffee Day had its start thanks to the International Coffee Organization (ICO). As a body, the ICO brings importers and exporters of coffee together to address the challenges faced worldwide in the coffee sector. The ICO introduced an official day for internationally celebrating coffee.

The inaugural International Coffee Day was on October 1, 2015, as part of the Milan Expo in Italy, an event that emphasized the significance of sustainable coffee production. Subsequently, October 1 was chosen as the official date for the globally observed International Coffee Day, a tradition that continues to this day.

The purpose of this day is twofold - to revel in our collective love for this invigorating drink and to promote ethically sourced coffee, simultaneously drawing attention to the difficulties faced by coffee growers. Annually, the ICO spotlights a different facet of coffee; for instance, in 2020, the topic was “Coffee’s Next Generation,” a campaign aimed at fostering and encouraging the upcoming leaders of the coffee industry.

International Coffee Day Timeline

Discovery of Coffee Berry

Legend has it that a goat herder in Ethiopia noticed the stimulating effects of coffee when his goats ate the berries from a certain tree.

Coffee Introduced to Istanbul

Ottoman Turks introduced coffee to Istanbul, where the first coffee shop opened.

Coffee in Europe

Coffee is introduced to Europe by Italian traders and quickly becomes popular.

First Coffee House open in UK

The first British coffee house opened in Oxfordshire.

Coffee Brought to Brazil

A Brazilian lieutenant was tasked with bringing coffee seeds to Brazil.

Invention of Espresso

Angelo Moriondo of Turin, Italy, was granted a patent for a steam-driven 'instantaneous' coffee beverage making device.

First Instant Coffee Invented

Japanese-American chemist Satori Kato invents the first instant coffee.

Inauguration of International Coffee Day

The International Coffee Organization decided to launch the first official International Coffee Day on October 1st.

Ideas to Celebrate International Coffee Day

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Enjoy a Coffee Tasting Party

Invite your loved ones over and host a coffee sampling event. Procure a range of coffee beans, both domestic and international, and let your guests enjoy the distinct taste of each one. This can be complemented with an assortment of pastries and fresh fruits.

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Brew Your Own Coffee

Take this opportunity of International Coffee Day to start brewing your own coffee at home. Purchase a top-grade coffee brewer or espresso machine and learn the art of making your preferred coffee beverages. Experimenting with various brewing techniques like French press or pour over could also be fascinating.

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Support Local Coffee Shops

Celebrate the day by touring local coffee shops and enjoying a cup or few. Boosting locally-run businesses is a great way to strengthen your local economy. Don't forget to bring home a bag of their finest beans to enjoy later.

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Take a Barista Class

What better way to honor International Coffee Day than becoming a skilled home barista. Seek local or online training sessions where you can learn the essentials of brewing high quality coffee and creating latte art.

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Go on a Coffee Farm Tour

If a local coffee plantation is accessible, take a day trip and soak up the knowledge about the coffee manufacturing process. This remarkable experience can be enjoyed by all coffee enthusiasts.

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Make Coffee-inspired Desserts

Try your hand at creating desserts infused with coffee. Delicious possibilities include coffee-flavored cupcakes, ice cream, mocha cookies, and coffee mousse, among others.

8 Interesting Facts About Coffee


Goats Discovered Coffee

In an interesting turn of events, the discovery of the coffee plant is attributed to goats. A farmer in Ethiopia during the 9th-century noticed an abnormal spike in the liveliness of his goats after they ingested berries from a specific tree.


Coffee is a Fruit

Albeit commonly categorized as beans, the source of coffee is actually a form of fruit. Specifically, the coffee 'bean' is the pit or seed enclosed in a fruit often known as a coffee cherry.


High Octane Coffee

Labeled as 'Death Wish Coffee', the strongest coffee globally contains a whopping 728 mg of caffeine per serving, a stark contrast to ordinary coffee's 95 mg caffeine content for the same serving size. It is made with a blend of arabica and Robusta beans from India and Peru.


The Expensive Cat-Poop Coffee

Kopi Luwak, distinguished as the world's priciest coffee, is a product of coffee beans that have undergone digestion by a species of wild feline called the Asian Palm Civet.


Coffee was Once Banned

Surprising but true, coffee has experienced prohibitions several times throughout history. It was deemed illegal in Mecca during the 16th century and met a similar fate in Ottoman Turkey in the 17th century due to its highly energizing properties.


Espresso means 'Pressed Out'

The word 'Espresso' originates from Italian, translating to 'expressed' or 'pressed out' This terminology refers explicitly to the method of pushing boiling water through a mound of tightly-packed coffee grounds.


Brazil is the Top Coffee Producer

Brazil leads the world in coffee production, claiming responsibility for about one-third of all the coffee grown and harvested globally.


Finland Consumes Most Coffee

When it comes to coffee consumption, Finland surpasses all other nations, with its average adult intake reaching 12 kg of coffee annually.

International Coffee Day FAQs

Next International Coffee Day Dates

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2023 October 1st Sunday
2024 October 1st Tuesday
2025 October 1st Wednesday
2026 October 1st Thursday
2027 October 1st Friday
What is the pattern? Every October 1st

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