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Every year on July 27th, spirit enthusiasts around the world take a moment to appreciate the complexity, elegance and depth of Scotch whisky on National Scotch Day. This day serves as a grand tribute to the time-honored tradition of crafting luxurious Scotch whisky in Scotland. It offers an opportune juncture for whisky lovers to savour the exquisite sensory pleasure tied uniquely to each sip of Scotch, whether they prefer it neat, over ice, or as a part of their cherished cocktail.

National Scotch Day not only indulges our taste buds, but also provokes a deeper understanding of the legacy behind this celebrated beverage. Let’s raise a toast together, and journey through the enchanting world of Scotch whisky.

History of National Scotch Day

Scotch, also known as Scotch whisky, refers to malt whisky or grain whisky which is exclusively produced in Scotland. The creation of Scotch whisky involves compliance with certain laws which dictate the chosen ingredients, the process of fermentation, methods of distillation, the period and method of aging, and, ultimately, the standards applied while labeling.

The practice of distilling in Scotland, especially as it relates to Scotch whisky, has been traced back to ancient times. To be precise, the Exchequer Rolls (tax records of those times) had the first documented notation of distilling in Scotland as far back as 1494.

National Scotch Day, which occurs annually on the 27th of July, is a celebration geared towards the appreciation of Scotch whisky. This particular celebration finds its roots in the United States and serves as a day when enthusiasts of Scotch can come together to appreciate this renowned product of Scotland.

National Scotch Day Timeline

Distilling Techniques Introduced

Irish monks brought the distillation process to Scotland, laying the groundwork for Scotch whiskey production.

First Written Evidence of Scotch

An entry in the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland mentions the first written evidence of Scotch.

Introduction of Column Stills

Patent for the column still was granted. This revolutionized Scotch production, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Phylloxera Crisis

The phylloxera crisis in France decimated grape crops, causing a surge in Scotch whisky's popularity as a substitute for brandy.

Scotch in James Bond Movies

Scotch whisky's popularity in the United States soars after it is featured in the James Bond movies.

Resurgence of Single Malt Whisky

The early 21st century sees a renewed interest in high-quality single malt Scotch whisky, sparking a 'whisky boom'.

Modern Scotch Industry

Scotch whisky remains a highly popular global product. The industry is worth billions and Scotland exports to more than 200 countries.

Ideas to Celebrate National Scotch Day

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Scotch Tasting Party

Invite friends and family over for a scotch tasting event. Everyone can bring their favorite bottle of Scotch whisky and you all can take turns sampling and discussing each one. Make sure to have some light snacks and water for cleansing the palate between different Scotch whiskies.

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Visit a Local Distillery

Check if there are any local Scotch distilleries near you and arrange a visit. Most distilleries offer tours where they explain the process of making Scotch, and often times, these tours include a tasting session.

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Scotch and Cooking Class

Host a Scotch and cooking class where you and your friends can learn to create dishes that pair well with the different types of Scotch. Learn which foods bring out the unique flavors of Scotch and enjoy a delicious meal.

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Scotch Pairing Dinner

Reserve a Scotch pairing dinner at a local restaurant. Chefs and sommeliers will work together to create a menu that pairs beautifully with different types of Scotch. This will be both a culinary and a Scotch tasting adventure.

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Scotch Cocktail Night

Arrange a Scotch cocktail night. Experiment with mixing Scotch into various cocktails and see how its unique taste adds depth and complexity to different drinks. It can be a fun way to explore Scotch beyond neat or on the rocks.

8 Interesting Facts About Scotch


Protected Status

Scotch whisky has legally protected status. It can only be called Scotch if it was produced in Scotland.


Aged in Oak

Scotch is matured in oak casks for a minimum of 3 years, but many varieties stay in the barrel longer.


Five Types of Scotch

There are five distinct types of Scotch whisky: Single Malt, Single Grain, Blended Malt, Blended Grain, and Blended Scotch Whisky.


One Ingredient: Barley

Scotch is made from one key ingredient: malted barley. However, the distillation process and aging gives it complex flavors.


Long Aging Process

Some Scotches are aged for decades. The Macallan Fine and Rare Collection has a bottle from 1926 that was aged for 60 years.


High in Demand

Almost 40 bottles of Scotch are exported from Scotland every second!


The Angel's Share

During the aging process, some Scotch evaporates from the cask. This is affectionately known as the 'Angel's Share'.


Sea-Aged Scotch

Some companies experiment with aging Scotch on ships, the constant rocking, and sea air creates a unique flavor profile.

National Scotch Day FAQs

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