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July 9th is a day of sweet treats, culinary advice, and stylish celebrations. Across the nation, this day offers a variety of observances that cater to different interests. Whether you're a food lover, a cooking enthusiast, or a fashion aficionado, there's something to appreciate and celebrate.

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Interesting Facts of July 9th

  1. 1. July 9, 1816, marks the Independence Day of Argentina from Spain. On this day, the Congress of Tucumán declared the independence of the United Provinces of South America, which is now known as Argentina, freeing themselves after centuries of colonial rule.
  2. 2. July 9, 1877, is recognized as the date of the first Wimbledon Championship, the oldest tennis tournament in the world. The inaugural event began at the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom.
  3. 3. July 9, 1955, saw the unveiling of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto in London, where Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein called for the reduction of the risk of nuclear warfare and the need for peaceful resolutions to international conflict.
  4. 4. The Republic of South Sudan declared its independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011, becoming the newest country in the world as of the knowledge cutoff in 2023. The independence followed a referendum that passed with overwhelming support.
  5. 5. NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft, which was launched in 1977, made its closest approach to Jupiter on July 9, 1979, providing a wealth of scientific data about the giant planet and its moons.
  6. 6. On July 9, 2002, the African Union (AU) was officially launched in Durban, South Africa, replacing the Organization of African Unity (OAU). The AU aims to promote unity and solidarity among African states and act as a collective voice for the continent.