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National Irish Coffee Day -

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Every year on January 25th, National Irish Coffee Day graces our calendars, celebrating one of the world’s most cherished warm beverages. People who love the taste of this heartwarming and vibrant blend of robust coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and a lush layer of cream have a unique reason to enjoy its wondrous flavors on this day.

The irresistible charm of National Irish Coffee Day attracts not just those enthusiastic about coffee or whiskey, but anyone who cherishes soothing and fine beverages.

History of National Irish Coffee Day

Annually on January 25th, lovers of coffee and whisky come together to appreciate the delightful concoction known as Irish coffee. This warm and creamy beverage is widely celebrated across America on what has come to be known as National Irish Coffee Day.

The story of Irish Coffee can be traced back to the 1940s, where its creation is credited to Joe Sheridan. Serving as a chef in Foynes, County Limerick in Ireland, Sheridan mixed whiskey into coffee with the aim of providing warmth for American passengers aboard a Pan Am flying boat that had been grounded due to harsh weather conditions.

The popularity of Irish Coffee took off in the United States when, in 1952, Stanton Delaplane, a renowned travel writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, introduced the drink to the Buena Vista Cafe situated in San Francisco. The owners of the cafe collaborated with the mayor of the city, who was also a former whiskey distillery owner, in an attempt to replicate the Sheridan’s original recipe – specifically, the process of achieving a floating cream top. After countless attempts, they eventually succeeded, and the cafe’s Irish Coffee grew incredibly popular.

National Irish Coffee Day Timeline

Coffee in Europe

Coffee houses began popping up, offering a place for people to meet and converse while enjoying a coffee.

Origin of Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee was created by Joe Sheridan, a head chef at Foynes port near Limerick, Ireland.

Introduction to America

Irish Coffee was introduced to America by travel writer Stanton Delaplane after tasting it in Ireland.

Largest Irish Coffee

The largest Irish coffee at 1000 litres (264.17 US gallons), was achieved by Paddy's Bar & Grill (USA) in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Global Popularity

Irish Coffee is enjoyed worldwide, especially on cold winter nights and on St. Patrick's Day.

Ideas to Celebrate National Irish Coffee Day

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Irish Coffee Making Workshop

Plan a hands-on workshop at a location of your choosing where guests can learn the art of concocting the perfect Irish coffee. To boost the event’s authenticity, consider having a pro bartender or coffee lover guide the process and share some interesting stories and facts related to this popular Irish staple.

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Irish Coffee Tasting Event

Set up a full-fledged Irish coffee tasting event at a cozy cafe or even your house. Try different versions of Irish coffees and critique them based on taste, texture and visual appeal. Use this opportunity to experiment with diverse coffee varieties, whiskies, and creams.

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Irish Coffee Bar Crawl

Arrange a joyous jaunt to several local pubs, coffee houses and restaurants renowned for their Irish coffees. It's a delightful way to not only enjoy different takes on the Irish coffee but also get to know your city better.

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Irish Coffee and Dessert Pairing

Commemorate National Irish Coffee Day with a gourmet pairing of diverse Irish coffee variants and an array of desserts. Invite the attendees to partake and vote on the combinations that tickle their taste buds the most.

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Irish Coffee Making for Charity

Organise a charity drive where people contribute financially to participate in an Irish coffee making session. Use the funds collected for a cause close to your heart, thus turning the occasion into an act of generosity and communal spirit.

5 Interesting Facts About Irish Coffee


Originated from Foynes

The story of Irish coffee begins in the 1940s in Foynes, a tiny town in the western parts of Ireland. The credit for creating this warm, delightful beverage goes to Joe Sheridan, a renowned chef at the time.


Ingredient Combination

The authentic version of Irish coffee is a blend of four key components: piping hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar - typically brown, and lightly whipped cream which floats on top, making each sip a perfect blend of hot coffee and cold cream.


Traditional Serving Glass

It's a customary practice to serve Irish coffee in a clear, sturdy glass that can withstand the heat. This also allows you to see distinct layers of coffee, cream, and often sugar.


Incorrect Recipes

Several versions of Irish coffee circulating around include Irish cream and coffee liqueur; however, these are not a part of the authentic Irish coffee recipe.


Original Name

When translated from the native tongue, the word for Irish Coffee is 'Caifé Gaelach'. Notably, 'Caifé Gaelach' is the literal translation for 'Irish Coffee'.

National Irish Coffee Day FAQs

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