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International Stout Day, observed on the first Thursday of November, is an annual global event that pays tribute to the flavorful and robust brew, stout beer. This dark type of beer is known far and wide for its unique taste and variety.

On this day, beer connoisseurs and breweries around the world celebrate this hearty beverage, acknowledge its storied history, and applaud the craft of brewing. It’s an opportunity for all who appreciate beer to explore the range and complexity of stout beer.

History of International Stout Day

The concept of International Stout Day was the brainchild of beer aficionado Erin Peters and was first celebrated globally in 2011. Like many other beer-related holidays, Stout Day exists to both honor the beer type’s historical legacy and its cultural significance.

Tracing back the history of the stout beer itself, it was first brewed in London in the early 18th century. Initially named “stout porter,” this beer variant was a more potent version of the then renowned porter beer that was loved for its rich darkness and robust flavor. As time passed, ‘porter’ was dropped from the lexicon, and these beers were known simply as stouts.

The stout beer’s popularity soared from the late 18th century to the early 19th century when Arthur Guinness revolutionized the industry with his own stout variant—the Irish Dry Stout. This beer, under the Guinness brand, became a household name worldwide.

Ever since International Stout Day’s inception, stout aficionados across the globe commemorate the day with various festivities like stout beer tastings, beer fests, tours of breweries, and brewing competitions. This day gives beer lovers a chance to relish their favorite stout beers, delve deeper into the beer’s history and brewing process, and impart this appreciation with others.

International Stout Day Timeline

Production of Beer

It's around this time period that historians believe the first forms of beer began production in what is now Iran.

Rise of Porters

In Enland, dark brown beers known as porters rose in popularity, providing a stepping stone for what would later become stout.

First Use of 'Stout' in Brewing Industry

In London, the phrase 'stout porter' was first used to describe a stronger version of porter.


Arthur Guinness signs a 9,000-year lease at the St. James’s Gate Brewery, and it eventually becomes one of the top names in stout production worldwide.

Craft Beer Revolution

A rebirth of interest in stout and other beer variations began in the US, leading to a boom in microbreweries and craft beers.

Establishment of International Stout Day

A beer enthusiast named Erin Peters establishes International Stout Day to honor the rich and complex beer style.

Current International Stout Day

Celebrated on the first Thursday of November, the event continues to honor stouts and the brewers who craft them.

Ideas to Celebrate International Stout Day

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Organize a Stout Tasting Party

Invite your closest friends and family and have a selection of different stouts for them to try. You can even create a small booklet describing each brew and leave a section for your guests to write notes. Share your insights about each drink and cheers to International Stout Day.

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Stout Beer-Pairing Dinner

Plan a dinner menu that pairs well with different types of stout. The strong character of stout goes exceptionally well with certain types of food like beef, oysters, or chocolate desserts. This will add an interesting twist to your meal and a fitting way to celebrate International Stout Day.

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Visit a Local Brewery

If possible, visit a local brewery that produces stouts. You might get to have a tour, get insights into the brewing process, and of course, taste fresh stouts straight from the source. It's also a great way to support local businesses.

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Learn to Homebrew Stout

For those who are into DIY, celebrate International Stout Day by brewing your own stout at home. There are many easy-to-follow guides and kits you can try. Not only will you deepen your appreciation for this type of beer, but you'll also have fun in the process.

8 Interesting Facts About Stout


Stout vs Porter

The line between stouts and porters is blurry. Both are dark, roasty beers. Originally, a stout was simply a strong porter. Today, each brewery makes their own determination what to call their beer.


Health Benefits

Stout beer is known to be high in antioxidants and iron. Some studies even suggest that stout can be good for heart health when consumed in moderation.


St Patrick's Day

Despite it's English origins, stout, particularly Guinness, is notorious for St Patrick's Day celebrations, with approximately 13 million pints being consumed worldwide on this day.


Oyster Stout

Oyster Stout is a historical kind of beer that uses oysters as part of the brewing process. Initially, the entire animal was used, but modern iterations often use the shell alone.


Famous Stout - Guinness

Probably the most famous stout beer in the world is Guinness, an Irish brand which has been brewed in Dublin since 1759.


Morning beverage

In the 1800s, stout was often served with breakfast. Lack of clean drinking water meant that beer was often a safer choice for hydration.


Varieties of Stout

There are several types of stout including Dry Stout, Milk Stout, Oatmeal Stout, Chocolate Stout, and Imperial Stout. Each variety differs in taste, aroma, and consistency.


Beer for Dessert

Certain types of stouts, like chocolate or coffee stouts, are often suggested as dessert beers due to their sweet and rich flavors.

International Stout Day FAQs

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