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Every 24th of January, we pay homage to the intriguing journey and progress of our favorite beer cans with the National Beer Can Appreciation Day. It’s a day when beer lovers and collectors gather to celebrate the significant strides and aesthetics in beer can design and technology.

Tracing back to its simple origin to the visually appealing cans courtesy of the craft beer revolution, this day exposes different elements of beer cans. It is an invitation for people to see beer cans not just as mere containers of their preferred brew, but also as a distinctive form of creative and innovative expression.

History of National Beer Can Appreciation Day

The origins of this annual celebration can be traced back to January 24, 1935. That’s when beer first found its way into cans. This revolutionary move in the beer industry was championed by the Krueger Brewing Company of Richmond, Virginia. They sold their famous “Krueger’s Finest Beer” and “Krueger’s Cream Ale” in cans, which became the first ever canned beers.

The American Can Company played a critical role in making canned beer a reality after years of testing and tinkering. The main hurdle was creating cans that could withstand the harsh conditions of pasteurization and also prevent the beer from reacting with the metal, ensuring the beer’s freshness remained intact.

Traditionally, beers were packaged in bottles or barrels. The introduction of canned beer was met with initial hesitations. But when Krueger’s decided to test the waters by offering canned beer to the public in Richmond, Virginia, the response was truly astounding - 91% of the test group approved!

The benefits of canned beer quickly became apparent. It was easier to transport and had a longer shelf-life. This led to a surge in its popularity, and soon enough, brewers around the world were jumping on the canned beer bandwagon. This was a major turning point for the brewing industry and hence the inception of National Beer Can Appreciation Day.

With time, the design of beer cans has evolved greatly as well, transforming from their original steel composition to the now common, lighter and recyclable aluminum cans. They’ve also added functionalities like pull-tabs and stay-tabs.

National Beer Can Appreciation Day Timeline

First Beer Cans

Krueger’s Finest Beer and Krueger’s Cream Ale were the first to be sold in cans, by American company Krueger Brewing Co.

Introduction of Aluminum Beer Cans

Hawaii Brewing Company introduced the first aluminum beverage can.

Pop-Top Can Introduced

The Pittsburgh Brewing Company unveiled the 'pull ring tab' on their Iron City Beer cans.

Craft Beer in Cans

Craft brewers increasingly adopted cans for their lower cost, lighter weight, and effective sealing, helping the beer stay fresh.

National Beer Can Appreciation Day

Celebrated annually on January 24, recognizing the day beer cans were first sold in 1935.

Ideas to Celebrate National Beer Can Appreciation Day

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Vintage Beer Can Showcase

Transform your space into a gallery with old-school and collectible beer cans. Ask your pals to drop by and spend a night reminiscing and understanding the past of beer cans.

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Beer Can Tasting Party

Organize a beer sampling party at your home. Encourage your buddies to bring a variety of beers, preferably in cans, to appreciate the diverse and innovative designs.

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Take a Brewery Tour

Make a trip to a nearby brewery to gain knowledge about how beer is packaged and canned. Witness the entire process of beer cans from filling and sealing to labeling.

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Beer Can Art Contest

Initiate a friendly competition among your artistic friends with a beer can art contest. The canvas for their creativity? Used beer cans. The bragging rights and a pack of beer are up for grabs.

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Collect and Invest

Commence a collection of beer cans. Similar to coins and stamps, old beer cans can be real treasures. This day is the perfect excuse to start your collection.

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Documentary and Chill

Switch on some documentaries about the age-old tradition of brewing beer and the evolution of beer can designs. Have a beer ready in a can to enhance the experience.

7 Interesting Facts About Beer Cans


Birthday of Beer Can

Errich Krueger's brewing company pioneered the idea of canning beer on the 24th day of January 1935. This monumental innovation was made possible through their partnership with American Can Company.


Unique Collecting Hobby

There's a specialized hobby known as 'Breweriana' that revolves around collecting beer cans. This pastime gained momentum in the middle of the 20th century as an array of new can designs and styles started appearing.


World’s Largest Collection of Beer Cans

The title for having the world’s most extensive collection of beer cans goes to William B. Christensen from the United States, boasting over 75,000 unique beer cans as recorded by the Guinness World Records.


Most Expensive Beer Can

The Budweiser Gold Can Live Like A King beer has an estimated value of around $8,500, making it one of the most valuable beer cans.


The Fulfillment Process

The procedure for filling beer cans involves doing so from the inverted position to lessen air incorporation. This method aids in maintaining the beer's freshness.


Canned Beer and Craft Brewing

Around the mid-2000s, canned beer found its champion in the craft brewing sector. Cans, fully blocking light, have become the preferred solution to prevent beer from turning 'light struck' or getting skunked.


First Beer in Aluminum Cans

Owing to a metal shortage due to the Korean War, Pabst became the first brewery to vend beer in aluminum cans. The introduction of entirely aluminum cans occurred in 1958.

National Beer Can Appreciation Day FAQs

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