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August 17th is a day marked by an assortment of celebrations, each recognizing very different aspects of life and society. This day is filled with appreciation and recognition of diverse elements that shape our world in unique ways.

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Interesting Facts of August 17th

  1. 1. On August 17, 1982, the first commercially produced Compact Discs (CDs) were manufactured in Germany, heralding a new era for the music industry and the eventual decline of vinyl and cassette tapes.
  2. 2. August 17 is celebrated in Indonesia as the country's Independence Day, commemorating its proclamation of independence from Dutch colonial rule in 1945.
  3. 3. The catastrophic magnitude 7.6 Izmit earthquake struck northwestern Turkey on August 17, 1999, resulting in the deaths of more than 17,000 people and significant destruction.
  4. 4. On August 17, 2008, American swimmer Michael Phelps surpassed Mark Spitz's 1972 record by winning his eighth gold medal in a single Olympic Games during the Beijing Summer Olympics.