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National Black Cat Appreciation Day -

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Each year, on August 17, we celebrate a unique occasion known as National Black Cat Appreciation Day. This event is specifically created to show our undying love for the alluring black cats that are often misjudged due to unfounded superstitions. On this day, we take a moment to put spotlights on the captivating charm of these ebony felines and encourage their adoption from animal shelters worldwide.

Let’s all come together to defy stereotypes and appreciate the intricate beauty of black cats on this special day.

History of National Black Cat Appreciation Day

Throughout history and across cultures, black cats have been tied to various beliefs - some view them as bringers of good fortune, while others see them as symbols of misfortune. Media often portrays them as mysterious or associated with supernatural themes. Many negative superstitions surrounding black cats date back to the Middle Ages, largely due to their association with witchcraft during those times.

These stereotypical associations, unfortunately, persist today, affecting the mindset of potential pet adopters. Therefore, National Black Cat Appreciation Day is intended to combat these false beliefs, promoting the adoption of black cats.

In recent years, this specific day has gained considerable attention in the United States, with multiple animal shelters commemorating the day with special events. It is also getting traction on social media platforms, as users joyfully share photos of their black cats and advocate for adoption.

The motivation to start this day was to increase awareness about the adoption challenges black cats face, and to debunk superstitions associated with them. Numerous shelters use this day to provide special adoption promotions for black cats, all in a bid to increase their prospects of securing a loving home.

National Black Cat Appreciation Day Timeline

Domestication of Cats

Archaeological evidence in the in the Fertile Crescent suggesting that cats were being tamed by humans.

Cats in Ancient Egypt

Cats, including black ones, are considered sacred animals in ancient Egypt.

Black Cats & Witchcraft

In medieval times, black cats became associated with witchcraft and bad luck in Europe.

Salem Witch Trials

During the Salem Witch Trials, cats, particularly black ones, were seen as evil omens and believed to be the familiars of witches.

Changing Perceptions

Black cats started to be associated with good luck in some cultures.

Black Cat Superstitions

Superstitions surrounding black cats remain, turning them into classic Halloween symbols in America.

Adoption Challenges

Black cats started experiencing lower adoption rates in shelters due to superstitions.

Modern Day

Efforts are being made to alter misconceptions, promote black cats, and increase their adoption rates.

Ideas to Celebrate National Black Cat Appreciation Day

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Adopt a Black Cat

Head over to your local animal shelter and consider adopting a black cat to celebrate the day. This will not only grant a loving home for a cat but also help break the superstitions associated with black cats.

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Black Cat Photo Contest

Organize a black cat photo contest on social media. Encourage everyone you know who owns a black cat to share their cutest, silliest or most striking photographs. Enjoy watching your feed fill up with these adorable felines.

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Educate about Black Cats

Spread awareness about the prejudices and superstitions faced by black cats. Share posts or stories featuring facts and debunking myths about them.

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Treats for Black Cats

If you own a black cat, shower them with their favorite treats and playtime. Make sure to give them loads of love and attention to highlight their importance.

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Visit a Cat Café

If there is a cat café near you, it’s a perfect place to go and celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day. Spend time with black cats, maybe consider adopting one too.

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Donate to an Animal Shelter

Make a donation to an animal shelter or a rescue group specifically for the care of black cats. This shows appreciation and care towards black cats even if you can’t adopt one.

8 Interesting Facts About Black Cats


The Meaning Behind Colors

In many cultures, black cats are seen as good luck, not bad. For instance, in Japanese folklore, black cats are considered to bring good fortune.


Maritime Mascots

In sailor folklore, having a black cat on board was thought to bring the ship good luck and ensure a safe return home.


Inky Cats in the Stars

There is a constellation named after the black cat. It's called Felis the Cat.


Impeccable Health

Black cats have a genetic advantage that makes them less likely to suffer from certain diseases.


Coal Charmed History

In ancient Egypt, black cats were worshipped and killing one, even accidentally, was considered a capital crime.


Symbol of Feminism

Many feminists regard the black cat as a symbol of feminism due to its association with witchcraft and Women’s independence in the Middle Ages.


Protectors of Homes

In Scottish folklore, it was believed that a black cat arriving at a new home would bring prosperity.


Black Cats and Hollywood

In Hollywood, black cats are considered good luck and are often kept in studios to ward off misfortune.

National Black Cat Appreciation Day FAQs

Next National Black Cat Appreciation Day Dates

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2023 August 17th Thursday
2024 August 17th Saturday
2025 August 17th Sunday
2026 August 17th Monday
2027 August 17th Tuesday
What is the pattern? Every August 17th

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