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National Text Your Ex Day, observed on October 30th, is an unofficial holiday that’s sure to raise eyebrows. Annually, people are prompted to dwell on past love interests and, if they wish, brave texting them again. It’s not about reigniting lost passions, but more about revisiting old connections, finding closure, or patching up unresolved issues.

The day promotes straightforward conversations and empathy while acknowledging the emotional complexities and hesitations it may bring.

History of National Text Your Ex Day

National Text Your Ex Day has its roots in social media trends and is celebrated on the 30th of October each year.

The main premise of this day is to encourage people to reach out, make peace, or seek closure with their previous romantic partners, typically via a text message. The day has gathered substantial momentum due to its viral propagation on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Celebrities and influencers have also played a role in promoting this day, thereby bringing it to the attention of a broader audience.

While the day can stir up feelings, awaken memories, and provide a platform for communication, it also sparks discussions about the appropriateness of making contact with ex-partners. Some view it as a lighthearted, quirky day filled with harmless honesty, while others point out the potential issues related to privacy, personal comfort, and respect in the context of past relationships.

As with most informal holidays that have their origins in social media, it’s crucial to approach National Text Your Ex Day with a sense of decency and respect towards oneself and others.

National Text Your Ex Day Timeline

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Troubled rock stars' marriage ends tragically with Cobain's suicide.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana

High-profile separation of the heir to the British throne and the beloved Princess of Wales.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

Hollywood's golden couple divorces amidst rumors of infidelity with Angelina Jolie.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

Pop star's tumultuous marriage and highly publicized divorce from backup dancer.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

Swift's high-profile romance with DJ Calvin Harris ends after a year.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Reality TV star and rapper's marriage crumbles after nearly 7 years.

Ideas to Celebrate National Text Your Ex Day

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Dare or Not - A Friendly Challenge

Gather with some close friends and make a game out of it. Whoever draws the shortest straw has to text their ex with a pre-composed, friendly, and non-intrusive message. Other friends can offer their support during the event and it becomes less about contacting the ex and more about enjoying each other's company.

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Saying Thanks

Look back on your relationship and think of one positive thing you gained from it. It can be a lesson, a change in your behavior, or even an introduction to your favorite hobby. Reach out to your ex thanking them for this one positive effect they've had on your life.

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Themed Message Writing

Set a specific theme for your messages such as forgiveness, gratitude or funny memories. This can help guide your conversation in a positive direction and possibly bring some closure or peace to past relationships.

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Digital Happy Hour

Invite your friends for a digital hangout where everyone sends a nice message to their ex. After sending the message, toast to each other's bravery and start a discussion about how it made everyone feel.

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Text Your Ex Movie Marathon

Plan a movie marathon featuring films about ex-relationships and break-ups. Use the film plots to inspire non-aggressive and positive texts to your ex. You might even find it cathartic to see characters experiencing similar emotions.

7 Interesting Facts About Texting Your Ex


Ex Reaching Out During Mercury Retrograde

There's a theory/ superstition in astrology that suggests an ex is more likely to contact during Mercury Retrograde because it is a time of reflection, reassessment and revisiting past issues.


The Rule of No Contact

Many relationship experts suggest a 'No Contact Rule' - a period of time where you do not speak to your ex at all, to heal post-breakup. Any contact, even texting, during this time could delay emotional recovery.


Texting Under Influence

A study conducted by Drunk Mode App revealed that 88% of their users have regretted a text to an ex after under The Influence of Alcohol. This highlights the importance of second thoughts before texting your ex.


Endorphins and Memories

The 'pleasure chemical' endorphins are released in our brain when we have enjoyable experiences, and this includes texting an ex. This can lead to a cycle of wanting to recreate these memories and feeling better temporarily, but it doesn't usually lead to long-term happiness.


Using Technology as a Buffer

Texting can serve as a ‘safe’ way to reach out to an ex as it physically removes you from each other and allows you to think of responses before sending them.


Exes and Closure

Texting an ex can be part of the closure process for some people. It allows them to have a final meaningful conversation to clear up any lingering feelings or resentment.


Always Something Left to Say

The idea that 'There's always something left to say' often reels people back to send texts to their ex. Often, unsaid things make it harder to move on.

National Text Your Ex Day FAQs

Next National Text Your Ex Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 October 30th Monday
2024 October 30th Wednesday
2025 October 30th Thursday
2026 October 30th Friday
2027 October 30th Saturday
What is the pattern? Every October 30th

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