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Every year, on the 10th of October, we celebrate National Handbag Day. This day is all about acknowledging the integral role handbags play in our day-to-day lives. From flashy designer purses to practical totes, handbags are more than just a convenient place to store everyday items like our phones, wallets, and keys.

Handbags are pivotal in the world of fashion and serve as an important medium for expressing one’s personal style. So, let’s raise a toast to the beauty, versatility, and functionality of handbags, in all their diverse shapes and sizes!

History of National Handbag Day

Established by PurseBlog in 2012, National Handbag Day falls on October 10 each year and is a day dedicated to recognizing and appreciating handbags of all types. The creators, the team at PurseBlog, recognized that handbags play a crucial role in the fashion industry and in individual self-expression, being far more than just simple items to carry necessities.

A handbag represents a key accessory in a person’s wardrobe, being always close at hand. Handbags themselves have a deeply rooted history dating back thousands of years, and this modern day of acknowledgment helps to underline their historical importance and contemporary significance.

National Handbag Day provides a platform for handbag aficionados to express their adoration for various handbag styles. Enthusiasts share their favorite handbag designs, personal collections, purchases, and experiences, particularly on social media platforms, using hashtags like #NationalHandbagDay.

The participation in this day has grown year on year since its launch, attracting participants spanning from consumers to designers and retailers, highlighting the enduring popularity and love for the perfect handbag. Despite being a relatively new fixture in the fashion calendar, National Handbag Day has rapidly gained traction, showing the everlasting appeal of this crucial accessory.

National Handbag Day Timeline

Ötzi's Handbag

A handbag was discovered with the remains of Ötzi, who lived in this period. It is one of the oldest known examples of a handbag.

Ancient Handbags in Egypt

Bags were used to carry various items, including currency and supplies.

Early Ornate Handbag in Britain

An ornate leather purse from this era was discovered in Britain at the burial site of King Rowewald.

Handbags in Early Modern Europe

Both men and women carried handbags, which were used primarily to carry coins. Purses were made of soft fabric or leather.

Movement towards Slender Handbags

Inspired by Ancient Grecian and Roman silhouettes, purses became more slender.

Modern Handbag Originates in England

The modern handbag emerged in England during the Industrial Revolution due to increased railway travel.

Introduction of handbags for fashion

Handbags began to become an essential fashion accessory for women.

National Handbag Day established

PurseBlog declared October 10th as National Handbag Day. The day is set aside to celebrate all types of handbags.

Ideas to Celebrate National Handbag Day

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Handbag Exhibition

Set up an elaborate display that pays tribute to diverse handbags from various periods through time. Showcase out-of-the-ordinary designs and coveted brands to grab attention. Encourage friends or fellow community members to partake.

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Handbag Swap Party

Plan a casual gathering wherein your friends trade handbags they don't require anymore and everyone goes back with a different purse.

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Handbag Crafting Workshop

Set up an engaging DIY session where each participant creates their own distinctive handbags.

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Handbag Photography Contest

Arrange a virtual contest for handbag photography where participants can share pictures of their most cherished bags. The winning entry could be determined by a popular vote or a selected jury.

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Local Designer Showcase

Support local handbag creators' work by organizing a display of their creations. Not only does this boost local artists, it also lets event-goers witness new designs.

7 Interesting Facts About Handbag


First Civilization with Handbags

Egyptian men were the first to sport handbags around 1500 BC, as seen in hieroglyphic depictions. They primarily used these early bags for carrying food and game.


Most Expensive Handbag

The all-time record for the most exorbitantly priced handbag sold goes to Hermès Ginza Tanaka Birkin. This $1.9 million platinum “Birkin” is encrusted with 2,182 diamonds, including an eight carat pear-shaped center piece.


Judith Leiber Handbags

Judith Leiber handbags aren't mere accessories, but rather a form of art. These bags, globally recognized for their elegant crystal miniaudières, have even graced museums’ displays, and are often seen in the hands of celebrities.


Versace's Most Famous Bag

Versace's signature bag is undeniably the Medusa head bag. The name stems from the logo of the Versace brand, a design based on the Greek mythological Gorgon named Medusa.


Handbag as Safety Weapon

In the bygone eras of the 17th and 18th centuries, men used to carry so-called 'swete bagges,' which were filled with sweet-scented herbs thought to guard them against diseases.


Handbag Materials

The manufacturing of handbags over ages has seen the use of an assorted range of materials. These encompass leather, cloth, metal, delicate silk, and even plush velvet.


Bag Trends by Decade

Bag fashion has drastically evolved over the decades. The 1920s welcomed a trend of beaded bags, the 1930s were known for the popularity of the clutch, the 1950s ushered in the era of structured handbags, and the 1960s witnessed a surge in handbags featuring vibrant colors and prints.

National Handbag Day FAQs

Next National Handbag Day Dates

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2023 October 10th Tuesday
2024 October 10th Thursday
2025 October 10th Friday
2026 October 10th Saturday
2027 October 10th Sunday
What is the pattern? Every October 10th

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