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Celebrated every year on the 22nd of October, National Color Day is a day dedicated to acknowledging the importance of color in our daily lives. This special day encourages us to appreciate the way colors contribute to our emotions, work efficiency, and overall behavior. From the shades of our attire to the colors of our food, and the hues of our home decor, colors play a pivotal role in sharing sentiments, symbolisms, and meanings.

Whether you’re a fan of the tranquil vibes of blue shades or you are attracted to the lively zest of yellows, National Color Day serves as a tribute to the magnificent spectrum of colors that enrich our lives.

History of National Color Day

Colors have an ability to trigger different emotional responses, convey a variety of messages, and can often symbolize certain sociopolitical causes or corporate identities. They are an integral element of our daily lives, impacting our emotions and choices, many times without us even realizing it.

Each color carries a unique language, with every hue representing a significant symbol across different cultures. As an example, red is commonly associated with alert or danger, while green is typically linked with environmental consciousness or well-being.

The main aim of National Color Day is motivating individuals to reflect on the ways colors impact their lives, learn about the psychological implications of colors, and find more instinctive ways to express themselves through colors.

The utilization of colors dates back to thousands of years ago. Early human beings used what was available naturally to create color and for self-expression. Primitive societies crafted complex art forms using colors. The ancient Egyptians, for example, made extensive use of colors in their hieroglyphics which are still considered masterpieces in contemporary times.

With time, the relevance of colors has only increased manifold. Today, they find a significant place in various fields like the arts, communication, marketing, psychology, fashion, and more.

National Color Day Timeline

Ancient Egypt's Depiction of Colors

Ancient Egyptians used colors not just for art but also for a variety of practical purposes, for example in hieroglyphics or statues of gods.

Development of Dyes in Ancient China and India

The ancient civilizations of China and India developed and popularized dyes that were used in textile production, giving clothes vibrant colors.

Study of Color in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greeks begin to study color and color theory, associating colors with different emotions.

Sir Isaac Newton's Prism Experiment

In this pivotal moment for color science, Sir Isaac Newton performs his prism experiment and discovers the visible spectrum of light.

Color in Film

The first color film, 'A Visit to the Seaside', is developed. This marked a significant milestone in the use of color in modern media.

Technicolor Process

The Technicolor process, which used colored filters and special film to create full-color motion pictures, was developed.

National Color Day

General Motors started National Color Day in 2009 as a part of a promotion for a brand new Chevrolet.

Ideas to Celebrate National Color Day

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Colorful Potluck Party

Invite friends and family to a potluck where each person brings a dish that corresponds to a color of the rainbow. It's a fun way to celebrate the day and enjoy a variety of colorful foods.

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Artistic Expression

Instigate an art contest where participants have to create pieces that showcase their favorite colors or the most interesting color combinations. It can be any form of art such as paintings, crafts, or digital art.

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Decorating with Colors

Redecorate a room in your home focusing on color themes. It's a great opportunity to explore different color palettes and their impact on mood and ambiance.

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Colorful Dress-up Day

Have a dress-up day at work or school where everyone comes in outfits that represent their favorite color or a mix of vibrant colors, creating a happy and spirited environment.

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Colorful Planting

Celebrate the day by planting colorful flowers in your garden or potting colorful houseplants indoors, adding a splash of color to your surroundings.

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Color Photography Contest

Arrange a photography contest where entrants need to submit images showing an interesting use of color.

10 Interesting Facts About Colors


The Rarest Color

Blue is one of the most rare colors in nature. Many objects appear blue because of reflectance, but it is actually a very uncommon color for natural items to produce.


Mosquito Attraction

Mosquitoes are reportedly more attracted dark-colored clothing, such as black, navy, blue or red.


The First Color

Newborns can only see contrast between black and white shapes. The first color an infant sees is red.


Invisible to Bees

Bees cannot see the color red. They see the color green as a mixture of blue and ultraviolet light.


Fading Colors

Yellow is the color that gets noticed the quickest but is also the most sensitive color, as it can easily fade in the sunlight.


The Color of Hunger

The color blue is an appetite suppressant. It is believed that this is because blue food is uncommon in nature.


Black Absorption

Black is not a color but the presence of complete absorption. It absorbs all the colors and is often associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery.


Limitless Green

The human eye is most sensitive and able to discern the most shades of green.


The Power of Pink

Pink is believed to be the most calming of all colors, and many jail cells are painted pink to reduce erratic behavior.


Color of Trust

Blue is often associated with trust, loyalty and confidence which is why many companies use it in their branding.

National Color Day FAQs

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