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On October 29th each year, we have the pleasure of observing National Cat Day, a day dedicated solely to our beloved, fluffy feline companions. This significant date has been set aside to appreciate the happiness and companionship cats bring to our lives, but also to shed light on the issue of homeless cats in need of caring homes.

Cats never fail to spread joy with their delightful antics, soothing purr, and heartwarming company. Therefore, National Cat Day doesn’t just give us the opportunity to celebrate these amazing creatures, but also reminds us to think about pet adoption, helping out the many cats out there searching for a safe and loving haven.

History of National Cat Day

Animal welfare advocate, Colleen Paige, established National Cat Day in 2005. As a Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert, she also initiated other holidays centered around animals such as National Dog Day and National Puppy Day. The primary aim behind these special days is to bring attention to the predicament of different animals and promote their adoption.

October 29th of each year is designated as National Cat Day in the United States. Celebrations of the day traditionally include lavishing cats with love, care, and additional attention. Some cat owners use this as an opportunity to spoil their furry friends with new toys, treats, and extended playtime.

However, National Cat Day isn’t only about doting upon pet cats. It’s also an opportunity to spread knowledge about the vast numbers of cats without homes or residing in shelters. A variety of animal welfare organizations, including shelters, mark the day with particular events, raise awareness about cats in their care, and often provide adoption discounts.

Internationally, similar days exist to celebrate cats. For example, International Cat Day, held every year on August 8th, was introduced by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

National Cat Day Timeline

Cats in Ancient Egypt

Cats were worshipped and revered in Ancient Egypt.

Cats in Roman Empire

The Romans used cats as pest controllers. Unlike the Egyptians, they did not consider cats to be sacred.

Cats in Celtic Beliefs

Cats were seen as mystical creatures in Celtic beliefs. They believed that cats had the power to bring good fortune and were considered sacred.

Cats in Europe

Cats suffered a period of persecution in Europe during the middle ages due to associations with witches.

First Cat Show

The first recorded cat show takes place at London's Crystal Palace.

Cats as Household Pets

Cats become popular as domestic pets in the US, with the rise of suburban living.

Establishment of National Cat Day

Colleen Paige, a pet and family lifestyle expert, announced the creation of National Cat Day.

Cats in Modern Society

Cats are now one of the most popular pets worldwide.

Ideas to Celebrate National Cat Day

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Adopt a Cat

Visit your local animal shelter and provide a loving home to a cat in need. National Cat Day is the perfect occasion to welcome a new furry friend into your life.

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Spoil Your Furry Friend

Shower your feline companion with new toys, a special meal or a cozy bed. This day revolves around showing your cat just how much they mean to you.

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Host a Cat-Themed Party

Invite friends and their cats over for a fun-filled celebration. Serve cat-themed snacks, organize cat-themed games and have a great time.

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Cat Movie Marathon

Spend the day watching popular cat movies or cartoons like Aristocats, Garfield, and Puss in Boots. Don't forget some popcorn and a comfortable snuggle spot!

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Donate To a Cat Charity

Make a donation to a local cat sanctuary, or other nonprofit organizations that support cats. Every contribution counts to aid animal welfare.

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Volunteer at a Cat Shelter

Give back by spending some time at the local cat shelter. You can help with cleaning, feeding, or socialization activities.

8 Interesting Facts About Cats


Ancient Egypt Worship

In Ancient Egypt, cats were considered sacred. Egyptians had a cat goddess named Bastet and killing a cat, even accidentally, was deemed a crime.


Cats' Communication

Instead of vocal communication, cats rely heavily on their body language to convey messages to humans and other cats.


Cats' Sleep Habit

Cats sleep for 12 to 18 hours a day! This is because their ancestors had to hunt, and the act of killing prey burns a lot of energy.


Longest Living Cat

The oldest known pet cat was a feline named Creme Puff who lived in Texas and died at the staggering age of 38.


Positive Health Impact

Owning a cat can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by more than a third. Scientists speculated this calming effect could be linked to lower stress levels.


Whisker Functionality

A cat's whiskers are generally about the same width as its body and are a significant tool to determine if they can fit through a space.


Feline Speed

A domestic cat can run at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour). That's faster than Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt!


Cats' Licking Habit

When cats lick their fur, they're not only grooming but also cooling down as the saliva evaporates.

National Cat Day FAQs

Next National Cat Day Dates

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2023 October 29th Sunday
2024 October 29th Tuesday
2025 October 29th Wednesday
2026 October 29th Thursday
2027 October 29th Friday
What is the pattern? Every October 29th

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