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National Candy Corn Day, celebrated annually on October 30th, is a day dedicated to celebrating the sweet, tri-colored treat that has become a staple in fall festivals and Halloween celebrations. This day invites everyone to indulge in candy corn, a candy that is over 100 years old, and reflect on its history, longevity, and its role in our tradition of seasonal festivity.

From its distinctive shape to its unique taste, candy corn has secured its place in people’s hearts, making National Candy Corn Day a cheery and fond commemoration.

History of National Candy Corn Day

National Candy Corn Day takes place every year on October 30, right before the haunted holiday of Halloween. It’s a day set aside to honor the sweet, tri-colored treat that has become a staple of the Halloween season for generations. Candy corn itself has been around for over a century, and plays a big role in the history of this special day.

The creation of candy corn goes back to the late 19th century, specifically in the 1880s. A man named George Renninger, who was an employee at the Wunderle Candy Company based in Philadelphia, is credited with its invention. He intended to replicate the appearance of corn kernels. Making the candy was a time-consuming task, as layers of different colors had to be poured into the molds by hand. However, it was the candy’s uniqueness that led to its popularity, and over time it came to symbolize the season of harvest, hence its association with fall and Halloween.

Though candy corn has been around for decades, the celebration of National Candy Corn Day is relatively recent. It’s generally believed that the National Confectioners Association (NCA), which is a trade group representing the US candy industry, is behind many of the candy-themed holidays we celebrate, including this one.

National Candy Corn Day Timeline

Creation of Candy Corn

Candy Corn originates in the 1800s in the United States, developed by George Renninger of the Wunderle Candy Company.

Mass Production by Goelitz Candy Company

Goelitz Candy Company (now Jelly Belly Candy Company) begins mass-producing candy corn using a recipe similar to today's version.

Introduction of its Now-Iconic Shape

Candy corn's current kernel shape, complete with the white, yellow, and orange sections, was introduced.

Candy Corn Becomes a Halloween Staple

By the 1980s, candy corn had become firmly associated with Halloween and the fall season in the United States.

National Candy Corn Day

National Candy Corn Day is annually celebrated on October 30 in the United States.

Ideas to Celebrate National Candy Corn Day

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Candy Corn Bake-Off

Have a baking challenge where all baked goods have to incorporate candy corn in some way. Whoever makes the most delicious and creative candy corn dish wins a prize.

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Create a Candy Corn Craft

Find a variety of candy corn related crafts that kids can make, such as candy corn paintings, ornaments, or even a candy corn garland for Halloween.

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Candy Corn Tasting

Host a candy corn tasting event at home with different varieties of candy corn from various brands. Try traditional, chocolate, caramel, or other unique flavors and have everyone vote for their favorite.

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Candy Corn Inspired Movie Night

Choose a selection of movies where candy corn makes an appearance, or just a sweet movie marathon. Serve bowls of candy corn and other candy corn-inspired snacks and drinks.

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Candy Corn Cocktail Party

For a more adult event, create cocktails that are candy corn-inspired either by flavor or by the look and throw a candy corn cocktail party.

8 Interesting Facts About Candy Corn


Origins of Candy Corn

Candy corn was created in the 1880s by a Wunderle Candy Company employee named George Renninger. It was initially made by hand using corn syrup, sugar, water, marshmallows, fondant and carnauba wax.


An Autumnal Favorite

While it can now be found year-round, candy corn was originally a seasonal confection produced between March and November. Its bright colours were designed to mimic the look of corn kernels and harvest time.


Enormous Production

About 35 million pounds, or approximately 9 billion pieces of candy corn are produced each year.


Proper Eating Method?

According to a survey by the National Confectioners Association, 65% of Americans believe the proper way to eat candy corn is to start with the narrow white end, 29% start with the wider yellow end, and 7% eat the whole piece at once.


Unchanged Recipe

Despite modern advances in candy making, the recipe for candy corn has remained largely the same since the late 19th century.


Chewy yet Firm

A high sugar content combined with small amounts of marshmallow gives candy corn a uniquely creamy, yet chewy, texture.


Variations on a Classic

Candy Corn is available in a wide variety of flavors, including caramel apple, green apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice. There are also Turkey Dinner Candy Corn that includes flavors like green beans, roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, ginger glazed carrot, sweet potato pie and stuffing.


Candy Corn and Halloween

Now closely associated with Halloween, candy corn was originally marketed as 'chicken feed' due to its resemblance to corn kernels. Its orange, yellow, and white colors are also seen as emblematic of the fall season.

National Candy Corn Day FAQs

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