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Every year on the 1st of October, we recognize National Black Dog Day. This special day is dedicated to addressing a known issue called the Black Dog Syndrome, which results in a decreased adoption rate of black dogs due to deeply ingrained superstitions and misunderstandings.

National Black Dog Day aims to dispel misconceptions and highlight the unique charm that black dogs possess. The objective is to counter negativity surrounding their color and inspire people to welcome black dogs into their homes and hearts.

History of National Black Dog Day

National Black Dog Day, celebrated every year on the first day of October, shines a light on black dogs who often face challenges in getting adopted due to their color. This trend has been linked to Black Dog Syndrome (BDS), a term that was introduced in the early part of the 2000s. The syndrome refers to the irrational fears and superstitions associated with black dogs, often tying them to negative concepts like bad luck.

These misconceptions surrounding black dogs are further perpetuated by their portrayal as malicious or threatening characters in media, which tends to negatively affect their adoption rates. Many rescue shelters report that black dogs can often be the last to find a home.

National Black Dog Day was initiated by renowned pet specialist and writer, Colleen Paige. She started the day with the objective to dispel the unfounded myths surrounding black dogs and to advocate for their adoption.

Over the years, National Black Dog Day has significantly contributed to creating awareness about BDS and has played a key role in facilitating the adoption of black dogs. The day urges people to consider adopting black dogs, highlighting that they are as friendly and loving as any other colored dogs.

National Black Dog Day Timeline

Domestication of Wolves

During hunting-gathering ages, humans began to domesticate wolves which led to the species of Canis familiaris, the common dog.

Egyptian Representations

Egyptians represented black dogs in their art and jewelry, showing the importance and appreciation of these animals in their culture.

Greek Mythology

Black dogs figured in Greek mythology as they were often associated with Hades, the god of the Underworld.

British Folklore

The legend of the Black Shuck, a ghostly black dog, emerged from British folklore.

Witch Trials

During the witch trials in Europe and America, black dogs were often associated with witches and witchcraft.

Breeding Clubs

Breeding clubs were started in Great Britain to circulate black dog breeds.

National Black Dog Day

National Black Dog Day was established by pet lifestyle expert, animal behaviorist, and author Colleen Paige in response to Black Dog Syndrome.

Appreciation of Black Dogs

Despite certain stigmas, black dogs are loved and cherished pets across the globe with increasing awareness about the Black Dog Syndrome.

Ideas to Celebrate National Black Dog Day

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Adopting a Black Dog

Consider welcoming a black-coated canine friend into your home on this special day. Your new forever friend might be waiting in a local animal shelter, which often see black dogs overlooked due to unfounded superstitions.

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Sharing Pampering Photos

If you're a proud black dog owner, why not show off how much you cherish your pet? Share clips or pictures of them enjoying some well-deserved cuddles and care to combat negative preconceptions.

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Hosting an Awareness Event

In your local community center or park, organize an informative event about Black Dog Syndrome. Advocate for the adoption of these often overlooked pets.

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Donating to Local Shelters

Think about giving dog food, playthings, and other necessary items to nearby shelters. These contributions greatly help and are appreciated.

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Cooking Special Doggie Treats

On this day, why not make a tasty treat to spoil your furry friend? Post the recipe online to inspire others to treat their pets too.

6 Interesting Facts About Black Dogs


Worldwide Legends

There are fascinating stories and fables about enormous black dogs that seem to have a connection with supernatural events across the globe. In particular, England boasts of 'Black Shuck,' a phantom hound believed to wander the coastal and rural landscape of East Anglia. Similarly, Latin American folklore features a black dog named 'El Cadejo' who is bear protector to travellers on their journeys.


Black Dog Syndrome

Regrettably, a trend known as the 'black dog syndrome' shows that black dogs often get adopted last from animal shelters. Superstitious beliefs in various cultures, coupled with the difficulty of getting good photographs of these animals for adoption advertisements, are considered contributing factors.


Black Dogs and their Coat

Eumelanin, a dark-coloured pigment, is what gives black dogs their coat colour. The said pigment is also responsible for determining the colour of an animal's fur and skin. Hence, dogs with higher eumelanin content typically have darker fur and occasionally darker skin.


Health Benefits

There's no truth to the notion that black dogs are more susceptible to health issues than other lighter-coloured dogs. Interestingly, the black coat gene in dogs is dominant, which means it might even offer better health in certain situations.


Celebrities' Choice

Black dogs are quite popular among the rich and famous as well. Notably, during the course of his presidency, Bill Clinton's family had a black Labrador Retriever pet called Buddy. Equally notable is Jennifer Aniston from Friends, who owns a black dog named Dolly.


Most common Black Breeds

There are a number of common breeds featuring black dogs, including the black Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Newfoundlands, and Scottish Terriers, among others.

National Black Dog Day FAQs

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