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Each year on October 5th, we come together to celebrate National Be Nice Day, an opportunity to spread kindness and respect in all of our relationships and interactions. Through this special day, we are reminded of the power and influence that a simple act of kindness can have in a person’s life.

This day serves as a beacon of positivity, encouraging us to go the extra mile to show empathy, express gratitude, and bring a spark of joy into the lives of those around us. By doing so, we push back against the unfortunate negativity that sometimes swirls around our society.

History of National Be Nice Day

Observed annually on October 5th, National Be Nice Day encourages us to demonstrate kindness, understand others’ perspectives, and show respect to all. The spirit of this special day is deeply rooted in the broader ‘be nice’ movement that advocates kindness and inclusivity in all aspects of life, including our schools, workplaces, and digital interactions.

Although the roots of National Be Nice Day can be traced back to the United States, the specific origin of this day, including its initiator, remains unknown at this point. There is evidence that activities and recognition surrounding the day date back to the early part of the 21st century, and it seems to have sprouted in the realm of virtual communities before blossoming into a wider societal phenomenon.

Even while specific historical details of National Be Nice Day remain limited, its impact is undeniable. It’s been wholeheartedly embraced by individuals and organizations worldwide. The day is commonly marked by people extending small gestures of goodwill to fellow humans, and many people leverage it to highlight important social matters like bullying and prejudice.

National Be Nice Day Timeline

Confucius Teachings

Confucius, a Chinese philosopher, taught about respect and kindness towards others in his teachings, promoting the idea of 'being nice'.

Jesus Christ's Teachings

The teachings of Jesus Christ, which include the commandment to 'Love thy neighbor', further established the concept of 'being nice'.

Kant's Ethical Theory

Immanuel Kant presented his ethical theory which emphasized treating others as ends themselves and not as means to an end.

Nurturing Empathy

Studies in the 21st century show that 'being nice' can be nurtured in children by teaching them empathy, understanding, and kindness.

Study on Altruism

A study showing how being nice, in the form of altruism, can increase one's happiness.

National Be Nice Day

National Be Nice Day is celebrated with small gestures of goodwill to fellow humans.

Ideas to Celebrate National Be Nice Day

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Community Outreach

Dedicate your time to helping out at a local charity. Inspire others around you to join in and create a meaningful shared experience. Being kind often means offering help where it's most needed.

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Random Acts of Kindness

Choose the day to commit numerous small acts of goodwill. This can be as simple as leaving a positive note for a colleague, buying a stranger their morning coffee, or assisting an elderly neighbor with chores. Every small gesture counts.

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Share Compliments

Pause your day to give someone an earnest compliment. It might be a family member, a workmate, or even a total stranger. A single kind remark can truly brighten up a person's day.

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Host a Charity Event

Plan an event to raise funds for a cause you deeply care about, and donate the ganied proceeds. This is an impactful way to make a positive change in your surroundings.

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Spread Positivity Online

Utilize your online presence to propagate positivity. Post inspiring quotes or anecdotes, extend a compliment to someone in their comments, or offer valuable advice. Together, we can tackle internet negativity.

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Donate Unused Items

Gather things you no longer need like clothes, home appliances, books and give them to a charity in need. This method allows you to clean out while aiding others.

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Support Local Businesses

Shop at local bakeries, dine at local restaurants, and patronize other local establishments. Supporting them is an excellent way to show kindness to your community.

7 Interesting Facts About Being Nice


Nice people live longer

It is found that individuals who are frequently kind and generous seem to enjoy a longer, healthier lifespan. Such positive acts can decrease stress and promote overall health.


Being nice boosts your mood

Performing acts of kindness leads to the brain secreting mood-enhancing hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin, inducing feelings of joy.


Nice people excel in teamwork

Those who are seen as agreeable and friendly often do better in a team environment because they are good at creating and maintaining positive relationships.


Kindness is contagious

Research indicates that people are more likely to be kind themselves after observing someone else performing a kind act. This creates a domino effect of kindness.


Being nice benefits your career

At the workplace, individuals who show kindness, respect, and are willing to assist others are often perceived as potential leaders and hence, more likely to be promoted.


Being Nice Reduces Stress

When you engage in acts of kindness your brain secretes endorphins — a natural painkiller, which assists in reducing stress and feelings of anxiety.


Nice people are more attractive

Studies have suggested that individuals who demonstrate kindness and generosity are viewed as more appealing to potential partners.

National Be Nice Day FAQs

Next National Be Nice Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 October 5th Thursday
2024 October 5th Saturday
2025 October 5th Sunday
2026 October 5th Monday
2027 October 5th Tuesday
What is the pattern? Every October 5th

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