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Each year on October 1st, we celebrate the International Day of Older Persons. Established by the United Nations, this day is dedicated to honouring and acknowledging the valuable contributions of elderly individuals across the globe. The primary objective is to call attention to the challenges they face, including health issues and elderly exploitation.

This annual observance underscores the important role seniors play in our society, thanks to their wealth of wisdom and experience. Additionally, the day is aimed at promoting inclusivity and demonstrating that an individual’s wellbeing, safety, and dignity matter at every age. Recognizing this day helps to bridge generational gaps and foster respect between young and old.

History of International Day of Older Persons

Celebrated annually on October 1, the International Day of Older Persons is a global observance aimed at honoring the significant contributions of older persons and examining the challenges they often face, such as aging and elder abuse. This critical day was first officially acknowledged back in 1991, following a resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly.

The creation of this day was originally proposed by numerous countries, most notably Poland, and the United Nations General Assembly gave its approval in December 1990. The main aims of this day are to highlight issues impacting older adults and to celebrate their substantial contributions to our global society.

During 1991, the United Nations General Assembly also adopted the United Nations Principles for Older Persons. This vital document provides a framework for ensuring the economic, social, cultural, civil, and political rights of our aging population, focusing on core principles such as Independence, Participation, Care, Self-Fulfillment, and Dignity.

This special day is commemorated in numerous ways, from events that span across generations to health awareness campaigns. Celebrations also include various activities like sports events and parties organized by seniors themselves through their affiliations with different organizations.

International Day of Older Persons Timeline

Establishment of International Day of Older Persons

The United Nations General Assembly voted to establish October 1 as the International Day of Older Persons.

Observance of the first International Day of Older Persons

The day was observed for the first time.

Global theme for International Day of Older Persons

The United Nations decided that each International Day of Older Persons would have a theme related to older people to be recognized worldwide.

Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing

This plan marked a turning point in how the world addresses the key challenge of 'building a society for all ages'.

Equal rights for all ages

The theme for the year was 'Digital Equity for All Ages', highlighting the need for access and meaningful participation in the digital world by older persons.

Ideas to Celebrate International Day of Older Persons

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Organize an Appreciation Event

Establish a festive event at a local gathering spot where elderly individuals are invited, with the objective of acknowledging their significant societal contributions. The event can include noteworthy speeches, bespoke entertainment shows, and meaningful tokens of appreciation.

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Health Checks and Fitness Activities

Arrange complimentary health examination services and encourage the preservation of physical health through gentle workout sessions or tailor-made yoga workshops suitable for the elderly. This underscores our care and concern for their health.

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Create a Memory Book

Gather narrations, life experiences, and photographs to create a printed or digital book. Sharing it with the broader community allows everyone to respect and admire the rich life stories of our elders.

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Awareness Walk

Schedule a walk within your community aimed at promoting empathy and respect for the rights and needs of elderly individuals. Engaging all age groups fosters a stronger bond across generations.

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Documentary Screening and Discussion

Plan a movie night with documentaries that shed light on ageing-related issues, followed by insightful discourse or an expert talk on the subject matter.

7 Interesting Facts About Older Persons


Age Is Just a Number

A multitude of studies indicate that individuals who perceive themselves to be younger than their actual chronological age tend to exhibit lower mortality rates when compared with those who feel that their age aligns with their actual years, or perhaps feel even older.


Becoming Artists

It's not uncommon that many seniors who may previously never have identified as being particularly artistic, uncover a newfound curiosity and skill in artistic disciplines such as painting, drawing or sculpting later in life. This highlights that creative flair does not recognize age.


The Oldest University Graduate

Holding the record for the world’s oldest university graduate is Shigemi Hirata, who received his diploma from Kyoto University of Art and Design in Japan when he was in his 96th year.


Rich in Experience, Rich in Knowledge

A senior citizen in our society often possesses an impressive wealth of wisdom and insight. Scientific research indicates they can excel in skills such as problem-solving and handling conflict, a testament to their vast life experiences.


Senior Athletes

There is a large number of older sportspeople who continually defy the constraints of age. Prime example is centenarian Man Kaur from India who, at 101 years of age, stood victorious with a gold medal for the 200m sprint during the 2017 World Masters Games.


Older Population is Growing

Fast forward to the year 2050 and we will see that more than one-fifth of the planet's population will be aged over 60. This marks a significant leap when compared with the year 2000, whereby this percentage was less than half.


Sleep Patterns

A senior citizen's sleep regimen commonly differs from those of the younger crowd. It is not unusual that those in older age brackets need less of the nighttime sleep that their younger counterparts crave, and they oftentimes tend to greet the day earlier or retire to bed at an earlier time.

International Day of Older Persons FAQs

Next International Day of Older Persons Dates

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