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April 27th marks a day of diverse global and national celebrations, ranging from the appreciation of the creative arts to the recognition of unique animals and communication methods, as well as the telling of stories.

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Interesting Facts of April 27th

  1. 1. The beginning of the Islamic conquest of Hispania takes place in 711, as Moorish troops under Tariq ibn-Ziyad land at Gibraltar leading to the creation of Al-Andalus.
  2. 2. The first Spanish settlement in the Philippines was established in Cebu City on April 27, 1565, marking the beginning of Spanish colonization in the country which would last for more than 300 years.
  3. 3. Sierra Leone gained its independence from the United Kingdom on April 27, 1961, with Milton Margai as the first Prime Minister.
  4. 4. The superjumbo jet aircraft Airbus A380 makes its first flight from Toulouse, France on April 27, 2005.
  5. 5. April 27 is also celebrated as Freedom Day in South Africa, commemorating the first post-apartheid elections held on that day in 1994.