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Celebrated each year on April 27th, World Tapir Day is a global awareness event devoted to the four distinct species of tapir found in Central and South America, as well as Southeast Asia. These extraordinary mammals are facing increasing threats from poaching and the loss of their natural habitat.

On this day, individuals, communities, and conservation organizations unite to emphasize the need to safeguard tapirs and take proactive steps to ensure their continued survival.

History of World Tapir Day

World Tapir Day, an annual celebration recognized by the Tapir Specialist Group (TSG), had its official launch in 2008. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that the day, falling on April 27th, was celebrated in full swing.

A group of enthusiastic tapir devotees was the brains behind the initiation of World Tapir Day. They noted that tapirs, despite being a part of Earth’s biodiversity for millions of years, received less attention and recognition. They made it their mission to spark awareness about these extraordinary creatures and brought to light their essential role sustainably balancing the ecosystem.

This initiative quickly won the hearts of wildlife and conservation organizations. Zoos around the world expressed their support by hosting special events to honor these often overlooked animals. The Tapir Specialist Group, a global network comprised of biologists, zoo professionals, researchers, and wildlife advocates, helped take World Tapir Day to new heights, expanding its reach and impact.

World Tapir Day has acquired even more significance as four species of tapirs presently fall under the categories of vulnerable or endangered, according to the IUCN Red List, majorly due to habitat destruction and hunting. The integral mission of each celebration of the World Tapir Day includes educational outreach, fundraising events, and awareness programs, all aimed at slowing down the rapidly decreasing number of these vital creatures.

World Tapir Day Timeline

Origin of Tapirs

The first tapirs were believed to have originated around this period based on fossil evidence.

European Discovery

Tapirs were first seen by European explorers during the Age of Discovery, adding these unique creatures to the European knowledge of world biodiversity.

Endangered Status

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) declared various species of tapirs as endangered due to habitat loss and hunting.

Conservation Efforts

Conservation measures were introduced around the world to protect tapirs, including the creation of protected natural habitats and a reduction in hunting practices.

Inception of World Tapir Day

The very first World Tapir Day was celebrated in 2011. The event was launched as a global effort to raise awareness about the endangered tapir species.

Continuous Efforts

Tapir supporters are committed to raising awareness and conserving these unique creatures.

Ideas to Celebrate World Tapir Day

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Visit a Zoo

Visit a local zoo that has tapirs. It's a great way to see these animals up close and support them. You can learn more about these animals and their behaviors. Most zoos also have awareness programs. You can involve yourself in these programs to learn more about the conservation efforts for these animals.

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Donate to Tapir Conservation

Many organizations are working towards the conservation of tapirs. You can look for such organizations and donate to their work. You can also raise funds amongst your friends and family towards this cause.

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Social Media Campaign

Start a social media campaign to raise awareness about the plight of tapirs and their conservation. You can share pictures, facts, and trivia about tapirs. Use the hashtag #WorldTapirDay to make your posts more discoverable. You can also encourage your followers to contribute towards tapir conservation.

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Educational Workshop

Arrange an educational workshop or seminar about tapirs. Invite a wildlife expert to talk about tapirs – their habits, diet, favored habitats, and threats they face. This will help you and others understand this unique creature better.

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Adopt a Tapir

Many zoos and wildlife agencies offer adoption programs where you can sponsor a specific animal or species. See if you can adopt a tapir for the day or year. The funds typically go towards the care and keeping of the animal.

8 Interesting Facts About Tapirs


Resemblance to other creatures

Despite their pig-like appearance, tapirs are more closely related to horses and rhinoceroses.


Endangered species

Four out of the five species of tapirs are listed as endangered or vulnerable due to hunting and habitat loss.


Built-in snorkel

Tapirs are excellent swimmers and their flexible nose and upper lip can be used as a snorkel when the animal is underwater.


Impressive lifespan

In the wild, tapirs tend to live up to 25-30 years, but in captivity, they can live up to 40.


Nighttime foragers

Tapirs are primarily nocturnal and spend their nights foraging for leaves, fruit, and berries to eat.


Birth marks

Baby tapirs are born with a coat of stripes and spots for camouflage, which they lose as they grow older.


Long gestation period

Tapirs have a long pregnancy period, with the gestation lasting approximately 13 months.


Peculiar sounds

Tapirs communicate with a variety of sounds, including whistles, squeals, and a unique sound described as a 'phantom drone'!

World Tapir Day FAQs

Next World Tapir Day Dates

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2023 April 27th Thursday
2024 April 27th Saturday
2025 April 27th Sunday
2026 April 27th Monday
2027 April 27th Tuesday
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