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June 3rd ushers in a diverse array of celebrations that appeal to a variety of interests and passions. From environmental consciousness and health to culinary enjoyment and outdoor safety, this day offers something for everyone.

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Interesting Facts of June 3rd

  1. 1. On June 3, 1889, the first long-distance electric power transmission line in the United States was completed, running 14 miles between a generator at Willamette Falls and downtown Portland, Oregon.
  2. 2. Astronaut Edward White became the first American to walk in space during the Gemini 4 mission on June 3, 1965.
  3. 3. On June 3, 1989, Iran's spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, passed away. His death marked the end of a period of significant transformations in Iran and the region.
  4. 4. Zoot Suit Riots began in Los Angeles, California, on this day in 1943, marked by racial violence between American servicemen and Mexican American youths.