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June 20th marks a day of varied and distinctive celebrations that offer opportunities for education, reflection, and action. From honoring the majesty of a national symbol to bringing awareness to global challenges, this date contains a diverse range of observances.

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Interesting Facts of June 20th

  1. 1. June 20th often coincides with the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, which is the longest day of the year when the North Pole is tilted closest to the sun.
  2. 2. In 1837 on June 20th, Queen Victoria succeeded to the British throne. Her reign, known as the Victorian era, lasted for nearly 64 years until her death in 1901.
  3. 3. The iconic thriller movie "Jaws" was released on June 20th, 1975, directed by Steven Spielberg. It became a watershed moment in motion picture history and is considered one of the greatest films ever made.
  4. 4. The West Virginia Day is celebrated on June 20th, commemorating the day in 1863 when West Virginia was admitted to the Union as the 35th American state.