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February 21 is recognized globally as International Mother Language Day, a UNESCO initiative that promotes linguistic and cultural diversity, and encourages the use of mother languages to preserve and pass on unique modes of thought. Furthermore, it is also Card Reading Day, National Grain Free Day, and more.

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Interesting Facts of February 21st

  1. 1. The first self-propelling steam locomotive made its first journey at the Penydarren ironworks in Wales on this day, in 1804.
  2. 2. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published the "Communist Manifesto", which became one of the world's most influential political manuscripts on February 21, 1848.
  3. 3. The first mobile telephone call was made in St. Louis, Missouri, USA on February 21, 1878.
  4. 4. Daytona 500, the 200-lap, 500-mile-long race of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series was first held on February 21, 1959.
  5. 5. The Battle of Verdun, one of the largest battles of the First World War on the Western Front, commenced on February 21, 1916.