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National Sticky Bun Day, celebrated annually on February 21st, is a day dedicated to one of the world’s most decadent, delicious and delightful pastries. This day is all about enjoying these gooey, fluffy and sweet pastries that are generously topped with a glossy caramel glaze and sprinkled with crunchy chopped nuts.

On this day, indulge in your favorite sticky bun recipe, visit a local bakery, or throw a sticky bun themed party with friends and family. It truly is a day on which every dessert lovers and pastry aficionados can unite to celebrate and honor this beloved sweet treat.

History of National Sticky Bun Day

Every year on February 21st, we get to celebrate a sweet and popular dessert - the sticky bun, thanks to National Sticky Bun Day. This celebration was developed due to a fondness and appreciation for this delightful treat.

Now, if we trace back to the history of the sticky bun itself, it has its roots in the ancient times. The Middle East and Egyptians were known for their honey-drenched pastries that probably served as a base for future sticky buns. This tradition was carried forward by Roman bakers and subsequently made its way throughout Europe during the Middle Age period.

In the 17th century, German immigrants brought their culinary habits with them to the United States. One of these was a dessert known as “Schnecken”. Quite like today’s cinnamon roll, the conventional schnecken was a cinnamon dough swirl, adorned with different toppings like nuts, but most notably, a sugary, sticky syrup.

As these German immigrants set up bakeries, Schnecken began to gain popularity, especially in regions closely surrounding Philadelphia. Over time, the Schnecken transformed into what we now refer to as sticky buns in America.

The earliest print mention of National Sticky Bun Day comes from a Canadian newspaper somewhere around 1985, marking the first recorded observation of this day. Since then, each 21st of February is dedicated to the love and appreciation of the delightfully sweet and sticky dessert - the sticky bun. It’s a day when bakery owners, household bakers and everyone else who loves sticky buns, join in a celebration of baking, sharing, and of course, eating these buns.

National Sticky Bun Day Timeline

Innovation of Sticky Bun

The sticky bun, initially referred to as 'Schnecken', was first made in Germany.

Arrival of sticky buns in America

German settlers brought sticky buns to America. They were initially known as 'Schnecken' and were popular in Pennsylvania.

Mass production of Sticky Buns

With the rise of industrialization and global consumer market, sticky buns reached homes across America and became a popular sweet bread.

First Mention of National Sticky Bun Day

Although not officially recognized, the first apparent mention of a National Sticky Bun Day is found in a Canadian newspaper.

Current National Sticky Bun Day

People celebrate National Sticky Bun Day across the country with baking or buying sticky buns and sharing them on social media.

Ideas to Celebrate National Sticky Bun Day

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Host a Sticky Bun Bake-Off

Plan a fun gathering where family, friends, and colleagues can bring their own versions of homemade sticky buns. Taste each other's creations and select a winner who will receive a fun prize.

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Visit a Local Bakery

Take out some time to drop by your local bakery, savoring the rich, aromatic scent of freshly-baked sticky buns. Buy a variety to take home, thereby supporting the local establishment.

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Virtual Sticky Bun Cooking Class

For those with a love for baking or an interest in learning, consider hosting a digital sticky bun baking class. This allows everyone to try their hand at sticky bun preparation and enjoy it from the comfort of their own kitchen.

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Have a Sticky Bun Picnic

Plan an enjoyable picnic and be sure to bring along your choice of homemade or store-purchased sticky buns. Relish in the scrumptious treats while chilling in the great outdoors.

5 Interesting Facts About Sticky Buns


Origin of Sticky Buns

Sticky buns have roots in Germany where they were originally known as 'Schnecken', a name which draws from the German word for snail – a nod to the bun’s spiral shape.


Glue of the Sticky Bun

The characteristic 'stickiness' of these buns is a result of a delightful fusion of syrup, butter and sugar, with some variations occasionally incorporating honey or maple syrup.


Philadelphia’s Love for Sticky Buns

Philadelphia boasts a long-lasting love affair with sticky buns, a legacy of the 18th-century German settlers in Pennsylvania. The city's culinary reputation continues to be enriched by this delicious bun.


Variations of the Classic Sticky Bun

While classic sticky buns come filled with raisins or currants, enthusiasts can also find versions flavored with nuts, chocolate chips, strawberries, or even a savory twist with bacon.


Sticky Bun vs Cinnamon Roll

Although they appear similar, sticky buns and cinnamon rolls are distinct. Sticky buns are crowned with a sticky caramel glaze and nuts, whereas cinnamon rolls often feature a sweet cream cheese frosting on top.

National Sticky Bun Day FAQs

Next National Sticky Bun Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 February 21st Tuesday
2024 February 21st Wednesday
2025 February 21st Friday
2026 February 21st Saturday
2027 February 21st Sunday
What is the pattern? Every February 21st

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