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Celebrated globally every year on April 16th, World Voice Day is a unique event that pays tribute to the astonishing power and elegance of the human voice. Its primary purpose is to recognize how deeply integral our voice is in our day-to-day interactions, serving not only as an effective means of communication but also acting as a mirror to our unique character.

This event highlights the importance of vocal care, seeking to raise awareness about voice-related disorders, their prevention, and potential treatments. World Voice Day invites all individuals, whether vocal professionals or not, to assess and take active steps toward the improvement and preservation of their vocal health.

History of World Voice Day

World Voice Day is an international celebration held every year on the 16th of April. Initiated by the Brazilian Society of Laryngology and Voice, its inception dates back to 1999 when Brazil established April 16 as National Voice Day. Its mission was to promote care and education about vocal health within the country by offering free voice check-ups and conducting various voice-related events.

The approach eventually gained worldwide attention and in 2000, the concept was endorsed by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. As more countries embraced the cause, the event was recognized globally by 2002, and thus, World Voice Day was born.

World Voice Day remains a worldwide observance today, backed by countless health, educational and medical institutions, vocal professional bodies, schools, universities, and individuals from around the globe. Annual customs include hosting various activities and events to promote good vocal health. The intent is not solely for individuals who utilize their voices professionally, like singers or teachers, but anyone and everyone- since communication is vital to our existence.

World Voice Day stands as a testament to the indispensable role our voice plays in our daily lives. It underlines the necessity of understanding how the voice operates, grasping what impairments it can undergo, and knowing when and how to seek appropriate help. The celebratory day shines a spotlight on the consequences of voice disorders, as well as shedding light on preventive and corrective measures.

World Voice Day Timeline

Early Voice Practices

Ancient Greek philosophers like Pythagoras and Demosthenes begin developing elaborate techniques for loud speaking.

Invention of the Phonograph

Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, making the recording and playback of sound possible, and forever changing the relationship between people and voice.

Inception of World Voice Day

The idea of World Voice Day started in Brazil as a combined effort by several societies and scientists involved in the study of human voice.

Adoption by American Academy of Otolaryngology

The prestigious Professional society, American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery officially observed and celebrated World Voice Day.

Siri Introduces Personal Voice Assistant

Apple introduces Siri on iPhone 4s, marking the first wide-scale usage of voice assistant on mobile devices.

Voice and Wellbeing

The year's theme was 'One World, Many Voices' which celebrates the many different voices and the part they play in shaping our world.

Ideas to Celebrate World Voice Day

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Voice for Charity

Organize a local concert or musical event. Use it as a platform for showcasing local talent and raising funds for a community charity.

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Public Speaking Contest

Set up a public speaking contest in your community. This will not only celebrate the power of voice, but also improve communication skills.

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Professional Voice Workshop

Invite a speech-language pathologist or a vocal coach to conduct a workshop on voice care. This will help people to understand the importance of maintaining good voice health.

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Digital Voice Exhibition

Showcase the evolution of voice and communication technology by hosting a digital exhibition. Highlight the impact of voice in tech innovations like AI, voice assistants etc.

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Choir Performance

Organize a choir performance in a public area. Encourage the public to join the choir to experience the power of collective voices.

8 Interesting Facts About Human Voice


Human Voice and Fingerprint

Just like fingerprints, every person's voice is unique. This uniqueness is due to the individual physical structures and shape of our vocal cords and bodies.


Deepest Human Voice

The lowest note ever sung by a human is a G-7 (0.189 Hz) sung by Tim Storms, an American singer.


Speed of Speech

On average, a person can speak approximately 125 to 175 words per minute. This speed may vary depending on the language, thoughts, and emotions.


Vocal Folds

Your vocal folds are about the size of a dime in girls and young boys, and about the size of a nickel in adolescent males and fully grown men.


The Silence Record

The world record for the longest time someone has maintained a continual vocal note is 2 minutes 1.07 seconds, achieved by Richard Fink IV (USA).


Frequency Range of Human Voice

The voiced speech of a typical adult male will have a fundamental frequency from 85 to 155 Hz, and that of a typical adult female from 165 to 255 Hz.


Speaking Time in a Life

On average, a person will spend one-fifth of their life talking. In a single day, that amounts to about 20 minutes of speech for every hour awake.


Speech and Emotion

Different emotions can change the characteristics of a person's voice. Emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, and disgust can significantly alter the tone, pitch, and volume of our voice.

World Voice Day FAQs

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