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Celebrated every year on April 9, National Unicorn Day is a special day set aside to pay tribute to the awe-inspiring, mythical beings known as unicorns. These creatures, recognized by their distinctive spiral horns, are revered symbols of purity and enchantment, prevalent in several mythologies and folk stories.

For those who adore and believe in the charm of unicorns, this day comes as a delightful opportunity to express their affection. Immerse yourself in the captivating tales of these legendary creatures as we honor their beauty and majesty on this fanciful day, dedicated to our beloved unicorns.

History of National Unicorn Day

Over the years, the unicorn has played a crucial role in countless tales and beliefs in various cultures. Although the interpretations from each culture differ, the unicorn is usually seen as a horse-like being with a single, distinctive horn on its head. It emits the sense of purity, enchantment, innocence, and healing.

In recent times, the unicorn has made an impressive comeback in popular culture. It often stands for mystery, distinctiveness, and awe. Moreover, it has also become a symbol of pride for the LGBTQ+ community.

The popularity of National Unicorn Day has exponentially grown, mainly due to online platforms and social media. Unicorn lovers share captivating photos, innovative unicorn-themed creations, outfits, food items, and more. Many businesses, primarily those in fashion, novelty items, and food and beverages, join in this day with exclusive deals and unicorn-themed offerings.

Scotland also honors the unicorn, which is, intriguingly, their national animal signifying grace, power, and beauty. The Scots started celebrating National Unicorn Day roughly around 2018 but on a different date, April 6.

Regardless of whether it’s celebrated in the United States or Scotland, National Unicorn Day encourages everyone to appreciate the magic, appeal, and happiness that this mythical creature has brought to people and cultures across the world.

National Unicorn Day Timeline

First Possible Unicorn

Cave paintings discovered in France display creatures resembling modern day conceptualizations of unicorns.

Greek Accounts

Greek historian Ctesias described an animal that largely matches our description of a unicorn - a wild ass with a horn in the middle of its forehead.

Unicorns in Maps

Early mapmakers often decorated their maps with pictures of fantastic creatures, including unicorns.

Unicorns in Literature

Throughout the 1800s, unicorns feature prominently in literature, emphasizing their mythical status and association with purity and magic.

The Last Unicorn

The publication of Peter S. Beagle’s 'The Last Unicorn', one of the most famous works featuring a unicorn.

Unicorn Pop Culture Explosion

In the 1980s, unicorns became a popular symbol in young girls' toys and has maintained popularity in various forms till today.

Unicorn Startups

The term 'unicorn' began to be used to refer to privately held startup companies valued at over $1 billion.

Ideas to Celebrate National Unicorn Day

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Colorful Unicorn Party

Host a unicorn-themed party with rainbow-colored decorations, unicorn-shaped cookies, and a magical fantasy cake. A DIY unicorn horn making activity can also be a fun addition.

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Unicorn Movie Night

Enjoy a movie night featuring unicorn-themed or magical movies. Examples can include 'The Last Unicorn', 'Unicorn Store', or 'My Little Pony' series. Don't forget to serve some unicorn-themed snacks and drinks!

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Unicorn Art Contest

Organize an art contest where everyone has to draw or paint their version of a unicorn. The most creative or realistic unicorn could win a small prize.

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Storytelling Session

Organize a storytelling session or role play based on popular unicorn stories or fairytales. This could be especially fun for kids and stimulate their creativity and imagination.

8 Interesting Facts About Unicorns


Unicorn: A National Animal

Though a mythical creature, Unicorn is considered the national animal of Scotland, symbolizing purity, innocence, courage and power.


Unicorn Horn

In mythology, a Unicorn's horn is said to have the power to render poisoned water potable and heal sickness.


Unicorns in Pop Culture

Unicorns have been popularly depicted in movies, books, and cartoons. They are often represented as beautiful, pure creatures of forests, and believed to be mysterious and difficult to capture.


Unicorns in the Bible

Unicorns are mentioned several times in the Bible, but it's most likely a mistranslation of wild ox or cattle.


Ancient Unicorns

The classical Greek historian, Ctesias, wrote of unicorns in 400 BC, describing them as wild donkeys with one horn.


Unicorn Constellation

There is a constellation named Monoceros, meaning Unicorn in Greek.


Unicorns in Tech

In the business world, a 'Unicorn' is a term used to describe a startup company valued at over $1 billion.


Art and Literature

Unicorns have been depicted in art and literature throughout history. They often represent rarity, magic, mystery, and stunning beauty.

National Unicorn Day FAQs

Next National Unicorn Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 9th Sunday
2024 April 9th Tuesday
2025 April 9th Wednesday
2026 April 9th Thursday
2027 April 9th Friday
What is the pattern? Every April 9th

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