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Annually on August 5th, we cheerfully acknowledge National Underwear Day - a lighthearted, yet vital tradition. This day aims to highlight the significance of the most intimate layer of our attire often neglected in everyday conversations. Even though it adds an element of fun, the day calls attention to the importance of underwear for providing comfort and maintaining hygiene.

Let’s celebrate this day by embracing body confidence, cherishing our favorite unmentionables, and why not? Perhaps adding some brand-new sets to the collection.

History of National Underwear Day

Established by Freshpair, an authoritative online merchant for men’s undergarments and lingerie, National Underwear Day first emerged on the scene on August 5, 2003. The day was created to publicly acknowledge the role of undergarments in our daily lives. To launch the inaugural National Underwear Day, a festive parade was organized in New York City where models donned stylish bikinis and briefs.

Fast forward a decade, 2013 saw Freshpair attempting to make history on the 10th anniversary of National Underwear Day by breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people in their underwear. Times Square in New York City was the designated location for this global spectacle. Although they gave it their best shot, they fell short of the record by just 184 participants.

Throughout the years, the event remained noteworthy, expanding to include activities like underwear fashion shows and billboard promotions featuring models in trendy underwear designs. Well-known personalities like Conan O’Brien, Ellen DeGeneres, and Zac Efron have highlighted the occasion through their television shows and online presence.

The overall objective of National Underwear Day isn’t limited to promoting underwear sales. Instead, it suggests a deeper message that incorporates body positivity and self-appreciation. This event is marked annually every August 5th, reminding individuals to celebrate their bodies and to feel confident in their own unique shape and size.

National Underwear Day Timeline

Neolithic Underwear

Loincloths made from animal skins or linen were worn by men. This is one of the earliest forms of underwear.

Ancient Egyptian Underwear

Loincloths known as schenti, were popular among Egyptian men. Women wore loincloths or close-fitting short skirts made of cotton.

Medieval Underwear

Initiation of clothing like braies (loose-fitting trousers), chemise and undershirts.

Victorian Underwear

Victorian underwear were more comfortable. Developed underwear items such as long johns for men, bloomers and corsets for women.

Introduction of Briefs

Introduction of briefs for men by the company Jockey in the United States.

Sports Underwear

Introduction of sportswear underwear, focussed on practicality and comfort, such as boxer briefs for men.

National Underwear Day is Founded

This day celebrates all things underwear, promoting positive body image and encouraging people to be proud of their appearance.

Ideas to Celebrate National Underwear Day

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Underwear Fashion Show

Organize an underwear fashion show showcasing different styles, brands, and designs. It can be a fun and unique event to promote body positivity and confidence.

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Underwear Themed Party

Host an ‘underwear as outerwear’ themed party. Invite your friends to dress in their craziest pajamas, or most unique DIY outfits.

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Underwear Education Webinar

Deliver an online session about underwear history, its evolution, and the importance of good quality and fit. This can be both fun and informative.

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Underwear Photoshoot Competition

Arrange a themed photo contest where participants submit creative underwear photos. The winner gets a new underwear set or a discount voucher.

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Partner with a Lingerie Brand

Collaborate with a popular underwear brand for giveaways on this day. Promote the event on social media to generate buzz and engagement.

8 Interesting Facts About Underwear


Men Dominated The Underwear Market

In the mid 1920s, men's underwear made up 70% of the underwear market. It wasn't until the 1950s that women's underwear claimed a larger cut of the market.


Inspired by a Ship

In the 19th Century, Arthur Kneibler, a New York socialite, designed the first briefs inspired by the shape of a man's swimsuit he had seen on an old postcard from the South of France.


Victoria's Secret Wasn't Always For Women

When Victoria's Secret was first started in 1977, it was intended as a place where men could feel comfortable buying lingerie for women.


Bra Facts

The average woman owns 9 bras, but wears only 6 on a regular basis. Bra sizes range internationally from AAA to O.


Weird Laws about Underwear

In Thailand, it's actually considered illegal to leave your house if you're not wearing underwear.


Colors Matter

According to a study done by, the most popular color for women's underwear is black, while men prefer blue.


Cotton Rules

Despite the wide array of materials available, the majority of people still prefer their underwear to be made of 100% cotton.


Underwear and Human Health

Wearing fresh underwear can help prevent urinary tract and other infections. It's recommended to change underwear daily or more if one exercises.

National Underwear Day FAQs

Next National Underwear Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 August 5th Saturday
2024 August 5th Monday
2025 August 5th Tuesday
2026 August 5th Wednesday
2027 August 5th Thursday
What is the pattern? Every August 5th

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