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Each year, on the 26th of December, we celebrate a special holiday known as National Thank You Note Day. Coming just after the Christmas festivities, this occasion offers us a chance to pause and reflect on the love, kindness, and generosity we have received. It calls for us to reciprocate these feelings by expressing our gratitude, often in the form of handwritten notes.

Thank You notes offer a deeply personalized and sincere manner of showing our appreciation towards our family, friends, colleagues or even strangers who have made a positive impact on our lives. So, it’s time to get your stationery out and show your appreciation to those who matter to you the most.

History of National Thank You Note Day

The day following Christmas, December 26th, is typically recognized as National Thank You Note Day. Tracing the precise roots of the day can be a challenging task as they seem to be interwoven with the long-standing habit of sending handwritten expressions of gratitude that dates back to the 1400s in Europe.

This simple yet heartfelt tradition has been universally accepted for centuries and its likely roots lie in these very expressions of appreciation. The practice gained more attention and popularity in the United States when the renown Emily Post highlighted the significance of sending a written note after receiving a gift in her book on etiquette.

Technological advancements have significantly impacted the way we communicate these days, making the traditional handwritten note a rarity. Yet the essence of National Thank You Note Day remains alive and is observed every year to remind everyone of the sweetness of expressing gratitude.

National Thank You Note Day Timeline

Thank You Letters in Medieval Times

Nobles and royals started to pen thank you notes to each other during this time as a form of etiquette.

First Commercially Produced Christmas Cards

The first Christmas cards, introducing the concept of pre-printed cards - too often used to express thanks.

Hallmark Cards Founded

Hallmark began mass-producing greeting cards, among them, thank you notes.

Etiquette Books Recommend Thank You Notes

Etiquette books of this era, like Emily Post’s, recommended sending thank you notes for gifts received.

Digital Thank You Notes

With the rise of digital communications, thank you notes have taken a digital form through emails or e-cards.

Continued Tradition

Despite technological evolution, thank you notes in their physical form are still revered and practiced as a cherished tradition.

Ideas to Celebrate National Thank You Note Day

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Handwritten Note Workshop

Gather a small group of friends or family for a creative get-together. Learn about the importance of handwritten thank you notes, go through some examples of powerful notes, and then take time to craft your own meaningful thank you notes for people who have made a positive difference in your lives.

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Thankfulness Jar

Have a jar where everyone in your family or workplace can drop a thank you note acknowledging someone else's help or effort. At the end of the day, read out the notes together to foster a sense of community and appreciation.

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Gratitude Mail

Send out thank you notes via mail. It could be to your neighbors, your postal carrier, or friends and family. The personal touch of a handwritten note delivered in person or through mail can be a delightful surprise.

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Digital Thank You Notes

In the digital world, the essence of handwritten notes is often lost. On National Thank You Note Day, send out personalized thank you emails or messages to people who have influenced you positively. Make sure to personalize each message to show you truly appreciate their presence in your life.

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Making Thank You Note Art

Use colored paper, glitter, glue, and other art supplies to create beautiful thank you notes. This can turn into a fun creative project and the recipients of your notes will surely appreciate the extra effort.

6 Interesting Facts About Thank You Notes


Origins in Ancient Civilizations

The tradition of sending thank you notes dates back to ancient civilizations, where people used stones and tablets to express their gratitude.


Increased Happiness

According to various studies, writing thank you notes can increase your feelings of happiness and well-being.


Therapeutic Writing

Many psychologists and therapists recommend writing thank-you notes as a method of enhancing one’s positive emotions and overall mental health.


Influence on Relationships

Sending a thank you note can improve relationships. It can make people feel valued and appreciated, which can strengthen relationship bonds.


Professional Appreciation

In the business and professional world, thank you notes are often used as a way to express appreciation to clients, colleagues and employers, and can often make a memorable impression.


Evidence of Politeness

In many cultures, not sending a thank you note after receiving a gift is considered impolite or a breach of etiquette.

National Thank You Note Day FAQs

Next National Thank You Note Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 December 26th Tuesday
2024 December 26th Thursday
2025 December 26th Friday
2026 December 26th Saturday
2027 December 26th Sunday
What is the pattern? Every December 26th

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