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December 9th is a day of varied and significant celebrations, recognitions, and awareness events that span across different fields, cultures, and interests.

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Interesting Facts of December 9th

  1. 1. On December 9, 1968, computer scientist Dr. Douglas Engelbart unveiled the computer mouse in a demonstration of experimental computer technologies that is now famed as "The Mother of All Demos".
  2. 2. On December 9, 1905, France passed the law of Separation of the Churches and the State, establishing state secularism and disestablishing the Catholic Church in France as a state religion.
  3. 3. On December 9, 1993, astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour on the STS-61 mission repaired the Hubble Space Telescope, which had been launched with a flawed main mirror.
  4. 4. December 9, 1946, marks the first day of the Constituent Assembly of India, which drafted the Constitution of India that later came into force on January 26, 1950.