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December 15th marks a unique convergence of festive spirit, constitutional commemoration, and a celebration of one of the world's oldest beverages.

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Interesting Facts of December 15th

  1. 1. The United States Bill of Rights became law when ratified by the Virginia General Assembly on December 15th, 1791, comprising the first ten amendments to the US Constitution, guaranteeing fundamental civil rights and freedoms.
  2. 2. Adolf Eichmann, considered one of the key architects of the Holocaust, was found guilty of war crimes in Israel on December 15th, 1961 and subsequently sentenced to death.
  3. 3. The Soviet spacecraft Venera 7 successfully landed on Venus on December 15th, 1970, transmitting data back to Earth and becoming the first spacecraft to successfully land on another planet and transmit data from the surface.
  4. 4. The popular web service Google announced the discontinuation of the social networking tool Google Buzz on December 15th, 2011 as they shifted focus to Google+.
  5. 5. December 15, 1862, was a pivotal day during the American Civil War as it marked the end of the Battle of Fredericksburg, in which Confederate General Robert E. Lee defeated the Union Army led by Major General Ambrose Burnside.