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Every year on the 13th of June, we take the time to appreciate an invention that truly changed the world of textiles - the sewing machine. National Sewing Machine Day is a testament to this remarkable device that not only sped up the making of garments but also made clothes more accessible to everyone.

This is a day for admirers of this innovative machine, be they passionate home sewers, professional tailors, or those who simply respect the craft, to celebrate its contributions and importance.

History of National Sewing Machine Day

The initial idea behind the sewing machine originated during the 18th century. Thomas Saint, an English cabinet maker and inventor, created the first comprehensive designs for a stitching machine in 1790. Although, there’s speculation that he likely didn’t construct a fully operational model.

Come 1830, a revolutionary sewing machine using a hooked needle and a single thread to create a chain stitch was invented by Barthelemy Thimonnier, a French tailor. However, his factory was set ablaze by a group of enraged French tailors in 1841, threatened by the possibility of joblessness due to the efficiency professed by his machine.

The patent for the sewing machine that closely resembles today’s models was registered by Elias Howe in 1846. The advent of sewing machines led to a considerable productivity surge within clothing manufacturing companies. The sewing machine made it possible for a single person to produce the equal output of five manual sewers.

Howe’s patent was utilized by the Singer Sewing Company in 1851 to devise several enhancements to the original design, subsequently making sewing machines more affordable and user-friendly. This advancement set the stage for the widespread in-home use of sewing machines.

National Sewing Machine Day is now fondly celebrated by sewing aficionados and specialists all over the world. They commemorate the day with unique sewing events, exhibitions, social gatherings, and parties. This day serves as a testament to the transformative impact the sewing machine had on the clothing industry and its enormous contributions to the world of fashion.

National Sewing Machine Day Timeline

First Sewing Machine Concept

The English inventor Thomas Saint invented the first sewing machine design.

Barthelemy Thimonnier's Machine

Barthelemy Thimonnier, a French tailor, invented a sewing machine that used a hooked needle and one thread, creating a chain stitch.

Elias Howe's Machine

His machine had a lockstitch design and a needle with an eye at the point.

Isaac Singer's Improvements

Isaac Singer made significant improvements to the design of the sewing machine and was awarded the first American patent. He also formed the Singer Sewing Company.

First Home Sewing Machine

Singer introduced the 'New Family' machine, the first sewing machine designed for use in the home, designed to make repairing and making clothes easier and faster.

Introduction of Electric Motors

Electric motors were introduced to the operation of sewing machines, making them easier and less labor-intensive to use.

Push Pedal Introduced

Singer introduced the push pedal, allowing for hands-free operation and greater control of the sewing process.

First National Sewing Machine Day

June 13 was designated as National Sewing Machine Day, to commemorate the invention of the first sewing machine.

Ideas to Celebrate National Sewing Machine Day

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Sewing Machine Exhibition

Invite fellow sewing enthusiasts to bring their favorite or antique sewing machines and showcase them. Talk about the history, their functionalities and your experience with them.

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Sewing DIY Workshop

Arrange an interactive, hands-on workshop where people can learn basic sewing techniques like how to thread a machine, make a buttonhole, or hem a garment.

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Sewing Competition

Host a fun sewing competition with different categories like quickest repair, most creative design, etc. Provide small prizes to the winners.

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Sewing Machine Maintenance Workshop

Invite a sewing machine mechanic or expert to teach people how to perform basic maintenance and troubleshooting on their machines.

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Sew and Sell Fair

Give an opportunity to local artisans to exhibit and sell items they have sewn using their machines. Small businesses could really benefit from this initiative.

6 Interesting Facts About Sewing Machine


First Successful Sewing Machine

The first successful sewing machine was invented by French tailor Barthélemy Thimonnier in 1830. His machine used only one thread and a hooked needle to make a chain stitch.


Elias Howe and the Locking Stitch

Elias Howe, often mistakenly credited as the inventor of the sewing machine, actually made a substantial contribution in 1845 by inventing a machine with a lockstitch design. This uses two threads - one on each side of the fabric - and locks them together for a strong and straight stitch.


Zigzag Stitch Innovation

The first sewing machine to create zigzag stitches was presented by the Swiss company, Bernina, in 1932. It added versatility in seaming edges and making decorative patterns on fabrics.


The Quickest Sewing Machine

According to the Guinness World Records, the fastest sewing machine is the Juki LZ-2290A, which can sew an incredible 10,000 stitches per minute. This industrial machine is used primarily in the manufacturing sector.


Richest Man in the World

In the 1860s, Isaac Singer, the founder of the Singer Sewing Machine Company, became the richest man in the world thanks to the success and sales of his sewing machines.


Sewing and Computer Science

Sewing machines and computer science have a common link - the punch cards used in early programming were originally developed to control the intricate patterns created by a type of automated sewing machine called a Jacquard loom.

National Sewing Machine Day FAQs

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