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National Pumpkin Pie Day -

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Highlighting arguably the most favorite Thanksgiving dessert - the pumpkin pie, National Pumpkin Pie Day is a delightful annual festivity celebrated on the 25th of December. This day offers all of us a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a touch of autumn, right within the festive season.

Whether it’s about indulging in an extra slice, revisiting our family’s treasured recipes, or trying out something entirely new, there’s a lot to explore on this day.

History of National Pumpkin Pie Day

The history of pumpkin pies can be traced back to the Pilgrims’ first harvest feast with the Native Americans in 1621, where pumpkins, introduced by the Native Americans, were part of the menu. These initial pies didn’t resemble today’s sweet, custard-like filling; instead, they featured a pumpkin hollowed out and filled with milk, spices, and honey before being roasted in hot ashes.

By the late 1600s, English ‘pumpion pie’ recipes started looking more like present-day pumpkin pies. However, it wasn’t until the early 1800s that these pies began appearing in American cookbooks, gaining widespread acceptance by the mid-1800s. The advent of canned pumpkin in the late 19th century further popularized the pie in the U.S.

Despite its popularity, the fact that National Pumpkin Pie Day has been slated for December 25th has not gone without controversy. Some argue that it detracts from the festive essence of Christmas Day. While it’s still an obscure holiday as people mainly focus on celebrating Christmas, it does find recognition among those eager to embrace the appeal of this traditional American dessert.

As to why National Pumpkin Pie Day falls on December 25th, one possible explanation is the common practice of serving pumpkin pie during Christmas feasts. Alternatively, some suggest that lining up a Thanksgiving favorite like pumpkin pie with Christmas Day creates a distinctly American holiday. No matter the reason for the date, there’s no arguing that many appreciate the opportunity to indulge in and celebrate the goodness of pumpkin pie more than once a year.

National Pumpkin Pie Day Timeline

Origin of Pumpkins

Pumpkins originated in North America around this time. The natives would roast strips of pumpkin on an open fire.

Introduction of Pumpkins to Europe

After Columbus's discovery of the Americas, pumpkins were introduced to Europe sometime in the 16th century.

First Thanksgiving

The Pilgrims shared a feast with the Wampanoag Indians, and while there's no direct evidence of pumpkin pie, they likely had some form of pumpkin dish.

Pumpkin Pie Recipe Origin

The earliest recipe for pumpkin Pie appeared in a cookbook by Hannah Woolley, The Gentlewoman's Companion.

Commercialization of Pumpkin Pie

With advancement in technology and transportation, pumpkin pies become readily available in stores.

National Pumpkin Pie Day

National Pumpkin Pie Day is observed. It takes place on December 25th every year.

Ideas to Celebrate National Pumpkin Pie Day

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Kitchen Gathering for Pumpkin Pie Baking

Invite your family and friends over for a pie baking session. Pick up pumpkins together from a local farm or market, and use a traditional pumpkin pie recipe to guide your festive baking process.

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Try Gourmet Pumpkin Pie Recipes

In honor of National Pumpkin Pie Day, try your hand at baking some gourmet variations of the classic pumpkin pie. This could be a pumpkin pie with a pecan crust, a vegan version, or even a pumpkin pie with a twist of spice such as cardamom.

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Pumpkin Pie Tasting Party

Arrange a pumpkin pie tasting occasion in your local community. Encourage people to bake their own version of pumpkin pie and bring it along to share. Everyone can indulge in the variety of pies and vote for their favorite.

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Deliver Pumpkin Pies to Neighbors

Prepare individual mini pumpkin pies and deliver them to your neighbors and friends with a note celebrating National Pumpkin Pie Day. A small gesture can bring about a sense of community and sweeten everyone's day.

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Organize a Pumpkin Pie Picnic

Enjoy your pumpkin pies outdoors with a festive picnic. Pack a few varieties of pumpkin pie and enjoy the day with your loved ones under the autumn sunshine.

6 Interesting Facts About Pumpkin Pie


An Early American Recipe

The first pumpkin pie recipe in America was created by Amelia Simmons in 1796, as documented in her book 'American Cookery'.


A Geographic Favorite

According to surveys, the popularity of pumpkin pie varies greatly in the United States, with the Northeast region being its biggest fan.


A Thanksgiving Essential

Around 50 million pumpkin pies are consumed during Thanksgiving in the U.S, making it the most popular dessert for the holiday.


A Guinness World Record Holder

The world's largest pumpkin pie was made in New Bremen, Ohio in 2010. It measured 20 feet in diameter and weighed 3,699 pounds.


Not Always a Dessert

Historically, pumpkin pie was not always categorized as a dessert. The early American settlers enjoyed it as a savory addition to their meals.


A Classic Flavor Combo

Pumpkin spices, the blend used in pumpkin pie, originated from an early American advertisement campaign by McCormick Spices in the 1960s.

National Pumpkin Pie Day FAQs

Next National Pumpkin Pie Day Dates

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2023 December 25th Monday
2024 December 25th Wednesday
2025 December 25th Thursday
2026 December 25th Friday
2027 December 25th Saturday
What is the pattern? Every December 25th

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