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Every year, the 1st of December affords us the unique pleasure of celebrating National Peppermint Bark Day. The day is specially dedicated to appreciate this festive delicacy made up of a delightful mix of indulgent chocolate, crunchy peppermints, and smooth white chocolate. These ingredients come together to create a treat synonymous with holiday cheer.

As we go through the chilly days of December, take this day to connect with others over your shared love for this chocolaty holiday delight.

History of National Peppermint Bark Day

Peppermint bark, a chocolate delicacy layered with dark and white chocolates, adorned with crushed peppermint candies, is most commonly enjoyed during the holiday season. The history of this popular sweet treat is unclear, with its earliest traces documented in the 1960s in North America.

However, the roots of peppermint bark may lie in an earlier tradition that began in Europe in the 1880s: adorning Christmas trees with candy canes. It’s plausible that from this practice, the idea of combining leftover candy canes with chocolate - giving rise to the first form of peppermint bark - was born.

The American firm Williams-Sonoma, known for high-quality cookware and home furnishings, played a significant role in making peppermint bark a favorite festive treat. The company began selling it during the 1998 holiday season, and it was an instant hit.

National Peppermint Bark Day was started to bring joy to chocolate and candy enthusiasts. It’s an occasion to create, share and enjoy peppermint bark with all kinds of delicious twists: some add crushed oreos or nuts, or give the bark a generous drizzle of extra chocolate. Regardless of these variations, the popularity of National Peppermint Bark Day thrives, testament to our enduring love for this delicious holiday treat.

National Peppermint Bark Day Timeline

First Peppermint Plant

The peppermint originated in Northern Africa or the Mediterranean.

Discovery of Cacao

The inhabitants of the rainforests in Central and South America discovered cacao.

Candy Canes

Candy canes with peppermint flavor became popular in Europe.

Appearance of Mint Chocolates

First chocolate with the flavor of mint appeared in the market by Fry's mint cream.

Peppermint Bark as Holiday Tradition

William-Sonoma's Peppermint Bark quickly became a popular holiday tradition in America.

First Observation of National Peppermint Bark Day

People across the nation celebrate National Peppermint Bark Day by enjoying this sugary holiday treat.

Ideas to Celebrate National Peppermint Bark Day

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Peppermint Bark Baking Party

Invite friends and family for a fun day of baking and decorating peppermint bark. Everyone gets hands-on experience and can take home their creations.

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Peppermint Bark Gift Giving

Make a batch of peppermint bark and create cute gift packages for your neighborhood, coworkers, or friends.

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Peppermint Bark Tasting at Local Shops

Explore local candy or chocolate shops to taste their versions of peppermint bark. It could be a fun family outing or date night.

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Themed Peppermint Bark Movie Night

Host a holiday movie night, where the star snack is different styles of peppermint bark.

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Peppermint Bark and Wine Pairing Dinner

Host a dinner featuring food courses that pair dishes with peppermint bark and complimentary wines.

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Decorate Your Office in Peppermint Bark Style

Decorate your workspace with images or colors that reflect peppermint bark, and hand out samples for visitors to try.

7 Interesting Facts About Peppermint Bark


Main Ingredients

Peppermint bark is primarily made of two types of chocolate: white and dark. These are melted down and layered with crushed candy canes or peppermint candies for a festive taste.


Popular During Holidays

Peppermint bark is a popular treat during the winter holiday season, especially at Christmas time.


Williams-Sonoma Trademark

Upscale kitchenware chain Williams-Sonoma has particularly popularized Peppermint Bark. They began selling it in the late 1990s and have it trademarked.


Varying Textures

One of the intriguing aspects of peppermint bark is its texture. The contrast between the hard crunch of the peppermint candies and the soft give of the chocolate creates a satisfying mouthfeel.


Simple to Make

Despite its luxurious appearance, peppermint bark is simple to make. Only a few ingredients are needed and the process mostly involves melting, layering and cooling.


A Good Holiday Gift

Peppermint bark lends itself well to being a holiday gift, as it's enjoyable, easy to wrap and doesn't spoil easily. It's commonly gifted in decorative tins or clear gift bags.


Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate

Peppermint bark can be made with either dark or milk chocolate. Some people prefer using dark chocolate for its robust flavor that balances out the sweetness of the white chocolate and peppermint candy.

National Peppermint Bark Day FAQs

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2027 December 1st Wednesday
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