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National Making Life Beautiful Day -

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Every year on June 11th, we celebrate National Making Life Beautiful Day. This special day serves as an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate those individuals who make our lives and the world around us more beautiful. Their contributions, be it through kind gestures, assisting others in achieving their aspirations, or enhancing the aesthetics of our surroundings, deserve recognition.

On this day, let’s take part in this celebration, let’s immerse ourselves in things we love, let’s spread positivity, and above all, let’s celebrate those who bring beauty into our lives.

History of National Making Life Beautiful Day

National Making Life Beautiful Day is an annual event celebrated every June 11th. The day is dedicated to people who are cultivating beauty in life, whether it’s through good deeds, positive actions, or even beautification initiatives within their homes or communities. It underlines the idea that even the smallest deeds can accumulate and result in significant improvements in the world around us.

The inception of National Making Life Beautiful Day dates back to 2015, when it was initiated by Apriori Beauty, a company specializing in skincare. As part of their mission to help women radiate beauty both inside and out, they established this special day. They aimed to foster experiences of joy and provide motivation for everyone to play their part in enhancing the beauty of life.

Celebrating this day means acknowledging not only physical beauty but the inherent beauty of kindness and good deeds. It inspires people to perform selfless acts, foster meaningful relationships, spread happiness, and create a positive ripple effect.

Despite its humble beginnings from a modest skincare firm, values and philosophies behind this day are universal and globally revered.

National Making Life Beautiful Day Timeline

Ancient Egyptians Skin Care

Skin care was a significant part in the life of ancient Egyptians. They used ingredients like olive oil, ostrich eggs, milk, and essential oils.

Ancient Greeks and Romans Skin Care

The Greeks and Romans adopted beauty rituals involving natural elements like honey and olive oil.

Start of Exfoliation Trend

The beauty ritual of exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells, gained popularity in the 1960s.

Rise of Anti-Aging Products

Wrinkle creams and other skin treatments were developed to help combat the signs of aging.

Organic and Natural Products

Consumers became more conscious about the ingredients in their skincare products and sought out greener alternatives.

Skin Care Technology

Technological advancements led to the creation of devices for at-home use, like blue light therapy for acne and microdermabrasion kits.

Inception of National Making Life Beautiful Day

The National Making Life Beautiful Day was founded by Apriori Beauty to be celebrated every year on June 11th.

Ideas to Celebrate National Making Life Beautiful Day

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Plant a Garden

Whether you have a small apartment balcony or a large backyard, make life more beautiful by planting flowers, vegetables, or herbs. The act of nurturing a plant can be rewarding and beautifying your surroundings will bring joy and peace to your everyday life.

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Organize a Neighborhood Cleanup

Nothing makes a place more beautiful than a clean environment. Gather your neighbors, friends, and family and clean up trash or debris from your shared spaces. It's a wonderful way to work together and improve your surroundings.

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Start a Gratitude Journal

Celebrate the beauty in your life by taking a few moments each day to write down what you're thankful for. This can help you focus on positive elements in your life, no matter how small they may seem.

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Paint or Draw a Picture

Express yourself through art and create something beautiful. Whether it's a landscape, a portrait of a loved one, or an abstract piece, painting or drawing can remind us of the beauty in the world and within ourselves.

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Donate to a Good Cause

You can make life beautiful for others by contributing to a cause that you care about. This could be a charity, an organization supporting a cause, or directly helping someone in need.

7 Interesting Facts About Making Life Beautiful


Psychological Impact

Making small changes to beautify our surroundings, like keeping plants indoors or painting our walls in soothing shades, can significantly impact our moods and overall psychological well-being.


The Power of Organizing

Organizing our living or working space not only makes it look visually appealing, but it also reduces stress, boosts our productivity and instills a sense of control and satisfaction.


Nature's Healing Power

Spending time in beautiful natural surroundings, like forests or beaches, has been scientifically proven to improve mental health, reduce stress, increase attention span and boost the immune system.


Art's Role in Making Life Beautiful

Art, music, dance, literature - all forms of creative expression can help significantly in making life more beautiful. They can inspire, uplift moods, express deep emotions, and stimulate our thoughts, making life more enjoyable.


Benefits of Beautifying Public Spaces

Beautification of public spaces like parks, roads and buildings can increase community pride, reduce crime and encourage social interaction among the residents.


Beauty and Personal Growth

Simple acts of creating beauty, like painting, gardening or baking, can boost personal growth by enhancing our creativity, attentiveness, patience and appreciation for detail.


Impact of Colors

Colors can influence our moods, feelings and behaviors. For example, blues and greens can have a calming effect, while reds can stimulate and energize.

National Making Life Beautiful Day FAQs

Next National Making Life Beautiful Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 11th Sunday
2024 June 11th Tuesday
2025 June 11th Wednesday
2026 June 11th Thursday
2027 June 11th Friday
What is the pattern? Every June 11th

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