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December 7th marks the annual observance of National Letter Writing Day, where we honor and appreciate the charming, yet often overlooked, craft of writing letters by hand. At a time where digital communication modes such as texting and emailing take center stage, this day serves as a reminder to engage in the simple act of writing and mailing personal letters.

Join in the celebration and experience the pleasure of both writing and receiving a handwritten, personal note.

History of National Letter Writing Day

Throughout centuries, letters have held a central position in human communication. Before innovations like the telephone and internet, letters were a necessity for long-distance communication. Even today, despite major technological advances, written letters hold a unique and cherished place in our hearts, offering an unrivaled personal touch.

Indeed, letters have played a crucial part in shaping societies and nations. They have catalogued our history, carried messages of love, forged peace treaties, and served as an expressive artistic medium, influencing the realms of literature, cinema, and art. With this rich heritage in mind, the impact of National Letter Writing Day extends beyond simple communication. Rather, it prompts us to acknowledge our collective legacy and the enduring value of shared human connections.

Every December 7th, we are challenged to take a break from digital screens and write a letter to someone we care about. The act, though straightforward, can mean the world to the recipient, often stirring a smile or warming a heart. Moreover, it’s a beautiful means of expressing thoughts, feelings, and opinions sincerely and thoughtfully.

Although this celebration emerged in the United States, the appeal of National Letter Writing Day is now attracting participants on a worldwide scale. The quaint tradition of letter writing has found renewed appreciation in the face of fast-paced, digital communication.

National Letter Writing Day Timeline

Early forms of Mail

The Persians, Egyptians, and Romans begin to develop early postal systems to deliver written messages.

Invention of Paper

The invention of paper by Ts'ai Lunn, a Chinese court official, revolutionized letter writing and made it more accessible.

Invention of Typewriter

The typewriter was invented. This allowed people to write letters more quickly and efficiently, leading to an increase in letter writing.

First Email Sent

The first email was sent by computer engineer Ray Tomlinson, marking the beginning of digital letter writing.

Rise of Digital Communication

Email, social media, and instant messaging largely replaced traditional letter writing, signaling a major shift in the way people communicate.

National Letter Writing Day

National Letter Writing Day celebrates traditional forms of written communication.

Ideas to Celebrate National Letter Writing Day

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Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Celebrate National Letter Writing Day by penning a letter to your future self. Write about your present life, dreams, hopes and expectations. Seal it in an envelope to be opened on a future date. It can serve as a time capsule, giving you a view into your past.

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Handwrite a Letter to Someone Special

In this digital age, handwritten letters are a rarity. Use this day to write a heartfelt letter to someone special in your life. Express your feelings, share a memory, or simply let them know how much they mean to you.

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Compose a Letter to a Local Business

Have you received excellent service from a local business? Write them a letter of appreciation. It's a great way to support local and share positive feedback.

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Start a Pen Pal Relationship

Connect with someone from a different part of the world by starting a pen pal relationship. It's a wonderful way to learn about another culture and make new friends, while practicing the art of letter writing.

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Create a Letter Writing Station

Prepare a small corner in your home dedicated to letter writing. Having a beautifully decorated space with all the necessities like paper, envelopes, pens, and stamps could inspire you to write more frequently.

8 Interesting Facts About Letter Writing


First Mail Delivery

The first organized mail delivery service can be traced back to 2400 BC in ancient Egypt, where Pharaohs used couriers for the dissemination of their decrees in the territory of the State.


Pigeon Post

Before the traditional mail system, letters were often sent by pigeon carriers, especially during war times. Pigeons were trained to carry small parchments of messages to specific locations.


Emperor's Letter to the Pope

One of the most famous letters in history was written by Ottoman Emperor Mehmed IV to the Pope and European rulers in 1683, in which he declared war.


Victorian Letter Folding

In the Victorian era, letter writing was an art form and the manner in which a letter was folded could convey different meanings.


World's Oldest Love Letter

The world's oldest love letter dates back to 3500 BC. It was written in a clay tablet from the times of the Sumerians.


Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'Letter from Birmingham Jail'

This famous open letter, written in 1963, defended the strategy of nonviolent resistance to racism. It became an important text for the American civil rights movement.


Letters from Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein's letters to his colleagues and friends reveal much about his scientific theories, as well as his personal thoughts and philosophy.


WWII Letters

During World War II, letters were the main form of communication between soldiers and their loved ones, making them a vital morale booster.

National Letter Writing Day FAQs

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