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On the 2nd of June each year, National Leave the Office Early Day is joyously celebrated. This refreshingly different day is specifically aimed at inspiring employees to complete their tasks ahead of schedule, fostering a more balanced work-life relationship. It highlights how vital relaxation and taking time for oneself is in sustaining productivity and overall health and lifestyle.

Even if leaving work a few hours sooner isn’t an option, using the day to indulge in some extra self-care activities is still a great option. In essence, National Leave the Office Early Day serves as a friendly nudge towards recognizing that personal wellness deserves as much attention as our professional commitments.

History of National Leave the Office Early Day

Introduced on June 2nd of each year (or the nearest business day if it falls on a weekend), National Leave the Office Early Day is a unique observance created by productivity expert, Laura Stack in 2004. Laura’s key aim is to equip professionals with strategies to increase productivity with less effort, thereby advocating for efficient task management over long working hours.

The genesis of the day emphasizes a balanced approach to work and life outside work and prioritizes employee welfare. While this observance originated in the United States, more employers worldwide are becoming aware of its value.

On this day, employees are encouraged to complete their assignments efficiently and leave work early to enjoy the rest of the day. National Leave the Office Early Day embodies the belief of working smarter, not harder while promoting a work environment devoid of stress. Moreover, it serves as a reminder to employers to cultivate a conducive environment that boosts workforce efficiency and effectiveness.

National Leave the Office Early Day Timeline

Offices in the 1800s

Office work in the 1800s was primarily clerical, focusing on tasks like bookkeeping, correspondence, and filing.

Advent of the Paperless Office

The Roaring Twenties saw advances in technology that would lead to the concept of a paperless office.

Internet Revolution

The advent of the Internet changed the office work landscape drastically.

Rise of Telecommuting

Advances in technology enabled more people to work from home. This has gradually become more popular.

Inception of 'National Leave the Office Early Day'

Workplace productivity expert Laura Stack introduces National Leave the Office Early Day as a day to promote productivity and stress management.

The day spreads worldwide

The concept of 'National Leave the Office Early Day' starts to spread beyond the USA, promoting productivity and morale in workplaces worldwide.

Ideas to Celebrate National Leave the Office Early Day

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Have a Team Lunch

Plan a team lunch at a local restaurant or plan a potluck lunch where everyone brings something to share. This breaks up the workday and allows everyone to relax and socialize.

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Outdoor Activities

Organise an outdoor activity like a mini picnic or team games in the nearby park. This not only celebrates leaving the office early but also promotes team building.

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Hobby Classes

Arrange hobby classes that everyone can enjoy such as painting, cooking or yoga. This is a great way to bring everyone closer together while reducing stress.

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Movie Afternoon

Set up a projector and have a movie afternoon. Everyone can vote on their favorite film and enjoy some popcorn and other movie snacks.

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Outdoor Movie

If weather allows, you could set up an outdoor movie. Just make sure to choose a film that everyone will enjoy.

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Early Office Closure

The simplest way to celebrate National Leave the Office Early Day is to actually let everyone leave the office early. This will be much appreciated and can boost staff morale for the rest of the week.

8 Interesting Facts About Leaving the Office Early


Happiness Index

Research shows that short work days lead to increased happiness and decreased stress among employees. This ultimately improves their overall work performance.


Improved Physical Health

Long hours in the office often lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Leaving the office early encourages physical activity which helps maintain good health.


Reduces Absenteeism

Flexible working hours or early leaving can reduce absenteeism. When employees have control over their schedule, they are less likely to take sick days or unauthorised leaves.


Better Work-Life Balance

Leaving the office early promotes a better work-life balance. This can lead to higher job satisfaction and lower turnover rates.


Environment Friendly

Leaving the office early can help in reducing rush hour traffic and therefore environment pollution.


Creativity Boost

Studies show that taking breaks and spending time outside of work can boost creativity. By leaving office early, employees get more free time to explore other interests and hobbies.


Cross-contamination of Illness

Leaving the office early during flu or cold season could potentially reduce the risk of cross-contamination and spreading illness in the workplace.


Enhances Learning Ability

Early break from work provides a window for employees to pursue courses or engage in activities that boost their knowledge and skills.

National Leave the Office Early Day FAQs

Next National Leave the Office Early Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 2nd Friday
2024 June 2nd Sunday
2025 June 2nd Monday
2026 June 2nd Tuesday
2027 June 2nd Wednesday
What is the pattern? Every June 2nd

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