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Every year on the 2nd day of August, we commemorate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, a tribute to a beloved summer dessert that has stood the test of time - the ice cream sandwich. Tracing its roots back to the bustling streets of New York City in the late 19th century, this delightful blend of cookie and ice cream has become a must-have dessert for many.

When this day rolls around, ice cream enthusiasts – from individuals to businesses – enthusiastically participate in festivities that involve crafting, sharing, and savoring a myriad of inventive ice cream sandwich recipes. So, don’t forget to circle the date on your calendar and brace your palate for a truly tantalizing treat.

History of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

The celebration of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day happens every year on August 2nd. It’s a fun annual tradition that honors the delight of having ice cream neatly stuffed between two pieces of cookies or cake.The concept of the ice cream sandwich dates back to the 1900s.

The original version of the American ice cream sandwich was a simple but a tasty combination of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between thin graham wafers. The streets of New York City were the first known places where this treat was sold, priced sensibly at a penny, leading to the moniker “penny lick.” The evolution to the cookie-based sandwich that we know today is attributed to Jerry Newberg who sold these modern versions at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh.

Ever since, this versatile dessert of cookies or wafers and ice cream has gained immense popularity. It can now be found in countless flavors and forms worldwide, and can be enjoyed with a multitude of garnishes such as chocolate chips and sprinkles.

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day stands to commemorate the happiness this frosty dessert brings. People across America celebrate this lovely day in unique ways. Whether by getting a discounted treat from a well-known ice cream store, making hand-crafted ice cream sandwiches at home, or participating in local events dedicated to the day, there are plenty of ways for ice cream enthusiasts of all ages to mark National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day Timeline

Creation of Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream sandwich was first sold in New York for just one penny.

Industrial Production

The industrial production of ice cream sandwiches began, making it easily available to everyone.

Emergence of Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwich

Gourmet ice cream sandwiches started appearing in high-end restaurants and specialty shops.

Explosion of Flavors and Styles

Numerous flavors, sizes and types of ice cream sandwiches emerged due to its increasing popularity.

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

People continue to celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day by enjoying their favorite ice cream sandwich.

Ideas to Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

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Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich Party

Invite your friends and family over for a homemade ice cream sandwich party. Provide a variety of ice cream flavors and cookies for guests to create their own delicious treats.

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Visit a Local Ice Cream Shop

Support your local ice cream shop by visiting them on National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. Pick your favorite or try a new one.

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Donate Ice Cream Sandwiches

Consider purchasing a several ice cream sandwiches from a local shop and donating them to a community center or children's hospital.

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Ice Cream Sandwich Tasting

Purchase a variety of brand and flavors and do a taste testing with others. Decide which one is your favorite.

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Ice Cream Sandwich Making Class

Book a class on how to make homemade ice cream sandwiches for your friends, family or children. This could be a fun hands on way to celebrate the day.

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Create Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches

Push the boundaries and make your own gourmet ice cream sandwiches. Use unique cookie and ice cream flavors for a twist on classic ice cream sandwich.

4 Interesting Facts About Ice Cream Sandwich


Origin of the Ice Cream Sandwich

The ice cream sandwich originated in the 1890s in New York. A street vendor would sell them from a pushcart. The original version sandwiched the ice cream between two thin graham wafers.


Variety of Ice Cream Sandwich

There is a fantastic variety of ice cream sandwiches available now. From the traditional vanilla ice cream on a chocolate cookie, to exotic flavors like strawberry cheesecake, or even ice cream sandwiched between donuts or macarons.


The First Mass-produced Ice Cream Sandwich

In 1928, the first mass-produced ice cream sandwich was introduced. It consisted of a thin layer of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate wafers.


Ice Cream Sandwich in Pop Culture

In 2011, Google named its Android 4.0 update as 'Ice Cream Sandwich', continuing its tradition of naming updates after desserts.

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day FAQs

Next National Ice Cream Sandwich Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 August 2nd Wednesday
2024 August 2nd Friday
2025 August 2nd Saturday
2026 August 2nd Sunday
2027 August 2nd Monday
What is the pattern? Every August 2nd

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