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National Free Shipping Day is a much-anticipated shopping event that gives consumers the chance to save on shipping costs for their purchases. This annual event marks the closing of the festive shopping period in style, providing a beneficial platform for e-commerce businesses and consumers alike. On this day, a multitude of online stores participate by waiving shipping fees and pledge to deliver orders by Christmas Eve.

National Free Shipping Day becomes a real money-saver for consumers, letting them escape high delivery charges and making their shopping experience more economical and seamless.

History of National Free Shipping Day

In 2008, during the height of the Great Recession, Luke Knowles introduced an annual event currently known as National Free Shipping Day. This event is celebrated across the United States, during which retailers participate by offering free shipping on their products, with the promise of delivery in time for Christmas.

National Free Shipping Day was developed as a follow-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with the intent to lengthen the holiday spending period. The inaugural event was more successful than predicted, with over 250 retailers participating, and it brought in an impressive $1 billion in sales. The event became an annual tradition due to this successful debut and has grown in size each year.

By 2009, participation in the event had grown to include 750 retailers. By 2011, the event had brought in $1.07 billion in online sales, marking it as the highest-earning Friday in U.S. retail history up to that point.

Typically, this event is scheduled around the 14th or 15th of December, depending on the year. Aside from increasing sales for retailers, the event also enables consumers to save on expenses during their holiday shopping.

Though the focus was on bolstering online sales initially, the event has evolved to provide a noticeable increase in commerce during the holiday season, benefiting both online and brick-and-mortar businesses. Today, the event continues to be popular among consumers who appreciate the savings on shipping costs during their holiday shopping.

National Free Shipping Day Timeline

Formation of Amazon

Amazon, which later played a pivotal role in initiating the concept of free shipping, was formed in the United States.

Launch of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime was launched, offering free two-day shipping for a yearly membership fee, revolutionizing the free shipping model.

Introduction of Free Shipping Day

The first Free Shipping Day was introduced, creating an annual one-day event when online retailers offer free shipping with guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

Walmart's Free Shipping

Competing with Amazon Prime, Walmart started testing a free shipping service during holiday seasons.

National Free Shipping Day

Continuous participation of online and retail businesses in providing free shipping for customers on this day.

Ideas to Celebrate National Free Shipping Day

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Promotional Campaigns

If you own a business, use this opportunity to attract more customers by advertising your free shipping service. Different promotional tactics can be applied, such as website banners, social networks posts, or email notifications.

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Gift-Giving Galore

Seize the opportunity to purchase gifts for upcoming events like birthdays, anniversaries or graduation gifts. Everyone appreciates a thoughtful present, and free shipping will allow your budget to stretch even further.

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Charity Shopping Spree

Make use of this day by making online purchases for charities in need. Many charities have wishlists on commercial websites, free shipping day is a perfect time to fulfill some of these wishes.

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Online Treasure Hunt

Organize a fun online 'treasure hunt' where participating friends or family members have to find specific items online in the minimum possible time. The winner gets the item purchased for them.

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Impulse Buy Day

Have a list of items you've been wanting but can't justify due to shipping costs? This is the day to indulge in those buys guilt-free.

7 Interesting Facts About Free Shipping


Origin of Free Shipping

The concept of free shipping began with Amazon in 2005. It introduced Amazon Prime, which provided free two-day shipping on all purchases for a yearly fee.


Effect on Consumer Behavior

According to a survey by the National Retail Federation in the US, nearly 75% of consumers expect delivery to be free even on orders under $50, indicating how accustomed shoppers have become to this perk.


Psychological Tactic

Free shipping is a psychological tactic. Many buyers would rather buy a slightly more expensive item with free shipping than a cheaper one with added shipping cost.


Impact on Sales

Studies have shown that offering free shipping can significantly boost online sales, leading to an increase in revenues for businesses.


Shipping Isn't Actually Free

The term 'free shipping' is somewhat misleading. Shipping costs are generally absorbed by the retailer or added to the price of the product.


Boosts Customer Loyalty

Studies have shown that customers who benefit from free shipping are more likely to remain loyal to that brand or online store.


Limited to Specific Regions

Free shipping is sometimes only offered to customers in certain geographical areas or regions where shipping costs are more manageable for the retailer.

National Free Shipping Day FAQs

Next National Free Shipping Day Dates

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2023 December 14th Thursday
2024 December 14th Saturday
2025 December 14th Sunday
2026 December 14th Monday
2027 December 14th Tuesday
What is the pattern? Every December 14th

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