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National Call a Friend Day falls on the 28th of December every year. This incredible day is dedicated to recognizing the significance of strong friendships. It’s a day that motivates us to reach out and speak to those dear friends who, because of the hustle and bustle of life, we might not be able to connect with on a regular basis.

Be it a call that has been long pending or a chat to reminisce and giggle at shared memories, National Call a Friend Day serves as a beautiful reminder of the importance of personal connections. It’s a day that urges us to value and uphold the foundations of our friendships.

History of National Call a Friend Day

National Call a Friend Day serves as an essential reminder to connect and nurture personal relationships in an era where instant messaging, social networking and emails are dominant forms of communication. The day urges us to break away from impersonal, written messages and make a simple phone call to hear a friend’s voice, thus maintaining the emotional connect which might get lost in text.

Contrary to most traditions that have a rich or specific historical background, National Call a Friend Day seems to have sprouted primarily due to societal changes that have come with technological advancements. Therefore, the significance of this day lies not in any particular historical event, but in its intent to remind us of the importance of personal connections and conversations in our fast paced digital world.

National Call a Friend Day Timeline

Inception of Communication

Primitive forms of communication such as smoke signals, drums, and carrier pigeons were developed.

Invention of Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone, revolutionizing communication.

First Mobile Phone Call

Martin Cooper from Motorola made the first call from a mobile phone.

Social Media Boom

Rise in use of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter increases online communication, diluting direct calling.

National Call a Friend Day

The first National Call a Friend Day takes place in the US, encouraging people to reconnect with friends through a phone call.

Ideas to Celebrate National Call a Friend Day

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Retro Dialing

Unplug from texting and social media for a while. Dial up your friends on an actual phone call and experience the thrill of conversations like the old times.

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Walk and Talk

Turn your regular walk into a fun activity. Call a friend on your walk and use this time to connect, talk, or simply vent.

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Dinner Call

Arrange for a 'dinner call' with a friend. You could enjoy your meals together over the call, sharing laughter and conversations.

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Virtual Coffee Meetups

Cake and coffee, served with a good chat over the phone. Spend your coffee break calling a friend and exploring each other’s minds.

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Voicemail Surprise

If a friend isn't able to pick up your call, leaving a heartfelt, warm voicemail can lighten up their day and yours.

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Workout Chatter

Turn your workout routine into a fun activity by chatting with a friend. Talking will not only make your workout session pass faster but also enjoyable.

6 Interesting Facts About Calling a Friend


First Transcontinental Telephone Call

The first transcontinental telephone call was made on January 25, 1915, from New York to San Francisco by Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson. This was a significant milestone in telecommunications history.


The 'Ahoy' Greeting

Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, suggested 'Ahoy' as the standard greeting when answering a phone, before the phrase 'Hello' popularized by Thomas Edison took over.


The First Mobile Phone Call

In 1973, Martin Cooper, an executive at Motorola, made the first mobile phone call. He called his rival, Joel Engel, who was at Bell Labs working on his own mobile technology. Talk about competitiveness!


Psychological Impact

According to some psychological studies, just hearing a friend's voice over a call can reduce stress levels and improve mood.


Calling Tones

The standardized sounds accompanying phone calls like dial tones and busy signals are known as DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) tones.


Invention of 'Star' and 'Hash' Buttons

The star (*) and hash (#) buttons on a phone keypad were originally created for military use. They came into regular usage with the advent of voice mail and call waiting services.

National Call a Friend Day FAQs

Next National Call a Friend Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 December 28th Thursday
2024 December 28th Saturday
2025 December 28th Sunday
2026 December 28th Monday
2027 December 28th Tuesday
What is the pattern? Every December 28th

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