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Every year on June 8th, we celebrate National Best Friends Day. It’s a day where we take time to acknowledge and show appreciation to our best friends for their unwavering support and companionship. These extraordinary people act as pillars in our lives, making our experiences richer and more fulfilling.

This day is marked by warm expressions of friendship around the globe, serving as a perfect opportunity to express gratitude to those friends who hold a special place in our hearts.

History of National Best Friends Day

National Best Friends Day is an annual occasion that encourages people to recognize and appreciate their closest friends every June 8th. This day was initiated by the U.S. Congress in 1935 to honor the close bond between friends.

The date was chosen as it typically falls on a balmy day, perfect for outdoor activities. Since its foundation, the lighthearted holiday has been adopted by many other countries, some of which have even created festivals to celebrate these cherished relationships. The essence of the day is to acknowledge and appreciate the deep bond and mutual respect between best friends, commemorating it with activities, expressions of gratitude, gift exchanges, and memory-making.

Interestingly, similar celebrations exist elsewhere. The culture of celebrating friendships is globally observed. The United Nations, for instance, proclaimed July 30th as International Friendship Day in 2011.

Social media has become a significant booster for National Best Friends Day, allowing people to share the joy of their friendships with their virtual communities. This day offers a chance for people to emphasize the importance and joy of their friendships, expressing their deepest gratitude for their closest confidantes. It acts as a gentle nudge to not just acknowledge, but also appreciate the invaluable bond of friendship every year.

National Best Friends Day Timeline

Established by US Congress

National Best Friends Day was officially recognized by the US Congress.

Becoming Popular

In the decades following its establishment, National Best Friends Day became increasingly well-known and celebrated across the United States.

Expansion Globally

The recognition of National Best Friends Day expands beyond the borders of the United States and people from around the world starts celebrating it.

Social Media Impact

With the advent of social media, the popularity of National Best Friends Day skyrockets globally as people use digital platforms to send messages to their best friends.

Continued Celebrations

Many people continue celebrating National Best Friends Day, thus reinforcing the importance of friendship in difficult times.

Ideas to Celebrate National Best Friends Day

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Create a Memory Scrapbook

Gather your photos and souvenirs from different adventures you've had together. Create a scrapbook filled with memories, complemented with little messages about what each memory means to you. This will not only be a fun activity to do together but also a gift that keeps on giving.

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Friendship Movie Marathon

Plan a movie marathon of all your favorite movies that you love to watch together. Prepare some popcorn and other snacks you both enjoy. And don't forget those comfy pajamas for a perfect best friends day in.

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Organize a Surprise Party

Plan a surprise party for them with the involvement of all your common friends. The party should include their favorite food, music, and games. You can also organize a small award ceremony where people share their most unforgettable moments.

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Revisit Shared Memories

Go through your chat history or old posts and recollect all the fun times you've had together. This can remind you of those hilarious instances or heartwarming moments that make your friendship special.

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Cook Together

Prepare a meal together which includes both of your favorite dishes. This activity not only allows for good quality time together but also helps build teamwork and mutual understanding.

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Plan a Friends Outing

Plan a day trip to a destination you both have wanted to visit. It's a fun way to spend the day together and also create lasting memories.

7 Interesting Facts About Best Friends


The Power of Laughter

According to research, friends who laugh together form a stronger bond and find it easier to remember shared experiences. The same study also shows that laughing with someone makes us more likely to open up to them


The Friendship Bench

In Zimbabwe, the Friendship Bench program was established where individuals can go to talk about their problems with trained grandmothers. The program has been successful in improving mental health and reducing symptoms of depression.


Brain Activity Similarities

Research shows that friends often have similar neural responses. While watching the same video, best friends showed similar brain activity patterns, which differed from those of mere acquaintances.


Smell of Friends

Human beings can subconsciously distinguish the smell of their close friends. Studies have shown that people can identify their friends from a collection of unknown scents.


Open-Ended Conversations

Best friends often engage in 'open-ended conversations,' unlike casual friendships. These types of conversations allow both parties to talk about their lives, beliefs, and dreams without any restrictions.


Frequency over Length

According to a 2009 study, the frequency of contact and the mutual sharing of personal information are more important for friendship satisfaction than the length of the friendship.


Health Benefits

Having a close circle of friends can significantly impact health and longevity. Strong social relationships have been associated with a 50% increased chance of survival, according to various studies.

National Best Friends Day FAQs

Next National Best Friends Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 8th Thursday
2024 June 8th Saturday
2025 June 8th Sunday
2026 June 8th Monday
2027 June 8th Tuesday
What is the pattern? Every June 8th

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