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Each year on December 11th, we celebrate National App Day, a unique occasion that honors the essential role of apps in our everyday lives. It’s a worldwide call to acknowledge how these innovative digital tools add comfort, ease and a wide variety of functionalities to our individual and work life. Apps cover an expansive spectrum of uses from maintaining social connections, tracking health, and providing entertainment, to facilitating banking transactions, enabling remote learning, and driving business productivity.

By celebrating National App Day, we are appreciating this technological evolution and its significant influence on the rhythm of contemporary life.

History of National App Day

CJ Thompson, an avid technology and innovation enthusiast, was the one to establish National App Day. He proposed the idea to commemorate the remarkable influence of mobile applications, formally establishing this unique occasion in 2017.

The primary objective of observing this day is to highlight the incredible design, development, and utility of mobile apps, commemorating how these applications have altered our lives for the better.

This annual event is held on December 11. On this day, people are encouraged to share their favorite apps. It’s also an opportunity for app developers to showcase their work, and enthusiasts to discuss emerging trends in the mobile app industry.

This day isn’t only about using mobile applications but also understanding the hard work that goes into building them. National App Day is a platform to acknowledge the creativity of software developers and their significant impact on technology.

National App Day Timeline

App Store Launch

Apple launched the App Store with 500 apps, sparking an extraordinary new marketplace for mobile applications.

Invention of In-App Purchases

Apple introduces in-app purchases, giving developers a new stream of revenue.

1 Million Apps

Apple's App Store hits 1 million apps, underlining the massive growth of the mobile application industry.

Augmented Reality Apps

The launch of Pokemon Go brought the mainstream adoption of Augmented Reality Apps.

Inception of National App Day

National App Day was created by CJ Thompson to give recognition and appreciation to the creators and applications they make.

Trending Towards Decentralized Apps

With the rise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, decentralized apps are gaining traction.

Ideas to Celebrate National App Day

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App Development Workshop

Host a workshop in a local school or institution on app development. Invite professionals to provide learners with insights into the development, deployment, and marketing of apps.

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Let's App-reciate

Show your appreciation for your favourite applications. Review them on your app store, send a thank-you mail to the developer, or share the app with your friends and let them know how awesome it is.

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App Share Meetup

Invite your friends for a meetup where each one introduces an app that makes their life easier, better, or more fun. This could be a great way to discover new apps.

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Code an App

Why not celebrate National App Day by starting to code your own app? Plenty of free resources are available to start learning how to create your own app.

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App Day Contest

Organize an app idea pitch contest where participants can present their innovative ideas for new apps. The best ideas could potentially be made into real apps in the future.

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App Design Workshop

Arrange a design workshop for potential app makers focusing on User Interface and User Experience. It will help them understand the importance of having an intuitive and user-friendly design.

8 Interesting Facts About Apps


Most Downloaded App

The Facebook app holds the record as the most downloaded app of all time, reaching over 5 billion downloads.


Highest-Grossing App

As of 2023, the highest-grossing app on the Google Play Store is Disney+.


Original Apps on the first iPhone

The original iPhone came with 17 preinstalled apps. This included Calendar, Camera, Clock, Text, Calculator, YouTube, Stocks, and Weather.


The First App Store

Apple’s App Store was the first app store to be launched, which was in July 2008.


Number of Available Apps

As of 2023, Android users were able to choose between 8.93 million apps, making Google Play the app store with the biggest number of available apps.


The Most Expensive App

The most expensive app ever sold was 'The Abu Moo Collection', an app that simply adorns your home screen with a gem stone. Each gem stone costs $200 and if you want to complete the collection, then you need to spend $1,200.


First App to Reach 1 Billion Downloads

The first app to reach 1 billion downloads was Facebook on Google Play, and it did so in 2012.


Largest Category of Apps

Gaming apps are the most popular category on both Google Play and the App Store, accounting for approximately 25% of all apps available.

National App Day FAQs

Next National App Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 December 11th Monday
2024 December 11th Wednesday
2025 December 11th Thursday
2026 December 11th Friday
2027 December 11th Saturday
What is the pattern? Every December 11th

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