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Each year on June 18th, sushi lovers around the globe commemorate International Sushi Day - a culinary celebration that pays homage to this iconic Japanese cuisine. Sushi, with its distinctive flavors and diverse styles, has captivated the taste buds of millions worldwide.

The day stands as a tribute to the ancient skill of sushi preparation and encourages enthusiasts to revel in their favorite sushi dishes, uncover new variants, or perhaps attempt to fashion their own sushi delights.

History of International Sushi Day

International Sushi Day, observed every year on June 18th, is a time for sushi enthusiasts worldwide to revel in their preferred delicacy. This celebration of sushi began in 2009 when it was founded by Chris DeMay, the leader of a sushi fan forum named Sushiday. The day was set up to persuade more individuals around the globe to appreciate and savour sushi. International Sushi Day is equally about teaching people the proper etiquette of consuming sushi and introducing the various varieties that are available.

Sushi itself has a long history that stretches back over a thousand years. It originated from a method of preserving fish in fermented rice in Southeast Asia, which was only later introduced to Japan. It was in Japan where the sushi we know and love today was created - fresh fish slices served atop a bed of vinegary rice.

International Sushi Day is more than just a celebration of sushi, it’s a celebration of Japanese culture as a whole. As the popularity of sushi spread across the globe, it became a vehicle for sharing knowledge about Japanese traditions, manners, and culinary skills.

Originating from a modest online group, International Sushi Day has since spread across the globe, with sushi aficionados and eateries alike taking part by offering special promotions and crafting unique sushi creations in honour of the day. It offers a moment to reflect on and celebrate sushi’s lengthy historical journey, from a method of fish preservation to a sumptuous culinary delight enjoyed worldwide.

International Sushi Day Timeline

Narezushi in Japan

Narezushi, a traditional form of fermented sushi, originated in Japan.

Haya-zushi Development

Fast sushi - 'Haya-zushi' was developed in Edo (now Tokyo), which didn't require fermentation.

Great Kanto Earthquake

Outdoor sushi stalls became highly popular due to the destruction of many formal dining places by the quake.

Sushi in the US

Sushi was first introduced to the US after World War II, popularized by returning American soldiers who had been stationed in Japan.

California Roll

Sushi chefs in Los Angeles invented the California Roll, adjusting sushi to suit American tastes.

Popularity Boom

Sushi gained widespread popularity in America and globally due to its perceived health benefits and unique flavors.

Modern Sushi Trends

Sushi continues to evolve with modern trends such as roll innovation, vegan sushi, and sustainable sourcing.

Establishment of International Sushi Day

International Sushi Day was established to encourage sushi lovers around the world to eat more sushi.

Ideas to Celebrate International Sushi Day

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Sushi Making Party

Gather friends and family for a sushi making party. You can prepare ingredients for traditional sushi types and have everyone create their own sushi rolls. You can also include a friendly competition wherein the person who makes the most appealing sushi wins a prize.

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Visit Local Sushi Restaurants

Use this day as an opportunity to taste different types of sushi from local sushi restaurants. Try to select restaurants that offer a variety of sushi types to fully immerse in the International Sushi Day celebration.

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Sushi themed movie night

Host a sushi-themed movie night at home. You can watch documentaries like 'Jiro Dreams of Sushi' or movies like 'East Side Sushi' along with serving homemade sushi.

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Sushi Tasting Event

Organize a sushi tasting event wherein you serve several different types of sushi. This will allow participants to broaden their sushi palate and try new and different flavors.

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Cook Sushi with Family

Plan a family activity to cook sushi at home. It is a fun way to teach children about Japanese culture while also enjoying the delicious dish.

8 Interesting Facts About Sushi


Sushi Origins

Despite its worldwide association with Japan, sushi actually originated in Southeast Asia around the 4th century BC. It was used as a way to preserve fish in fermented rice.


Sushi Etiquette

According to traditional sushi etiquette, sushi should be eaten with your fingers not chopsticks. Only sashimi should be eaten with chopsticks.


Meaning of 'Sushi'

The word 'sushi' refers to the specially prepared vinegared rice used in the dish, not the fish or other toppings.


Nigiri vs Sashimi

Nigiri is a type of sushi that has a slice of raw fish over pressed vinegared rice. Sashimi, on the other hand, is the raw fish itself, served without rice.


Wasabi Usage

Traditionally, sushi chefs subtly incorporate wasabi into their sushi creations, so adding extra wasabi is actually considered an insult to the chef's skills.


The Most Expensive Sushi

The most expensive sushi ever made cost $2,420 per 20 pieces. It was prepared by a restaurant in Osaka, Japan.


Sushi and Longevity

Eating sushi has been associated with increased longevity. For instance, Japan - a country known for its sushi consumption - has the highest life expectancy in the world.


Traditional Apprentice

To be a sushi chef in Japan, one must traditionally go through up to 10 years of training as an apprentice.

International Sushi Day FAQs

Next International Sushi Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 18th Sunday
2024 June 18th Tuesday
2025 June 18th Wednesday
2026 June 18th Thursday
2027 June 18th Friday
What is the pattern? Every June 18th

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