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The 24th of June is when we observe International Fairy Day—a delightful day, steeped in whimsy and wonder, dedicated to celebrating fairies, those magical entities from myth and folklore. It’s a day that beckons both the young and the young at heart to step into the bewitching fairy realm, engaging in activities like crafting, storytelling, and fairy-themed games.

International Fairy Day is indeed a day that offers a charm-filled hiatus from the mundane, sparking our creative minds and filling our imaginations with wonderment.

History of International Fairy Day

International Fairy Day owes its origins to a fascinating blend of ancient myths, cultural traditions, storytelling, and contemporary popular culture.

From the earliest days, fairies, our magical beings, have found a place in folklore and mythology, earning recognition through literature. They are often depicted as magical entities possessing the potential to assist or obstruct humans. The belief in fairies can be traced back as far as Ancient Greece and even earlier. Furthermore, as these mythical beings were passed down from culture to culture, generation to generation, their characteristics and roles evolved, leading to a diverse interpretation of ‘fairies.’

In the English-speaking world, the concept of fairies started gaining popularity during the Middle Ages, through folk tales and literary masterpieces. Typically depicted as petite, beautiful women with magical prowess dwelling amidst nature, this perception of fairies has gained worldwide recognition through these literary depictions.

The origin of International Fairy Day is believed to be deeply rooted in the folk tradition of narrating fairy tales on the eve of Midsummer, i.e., June 23rd. Celtic, Norse, and Slavic cultures traditionally believed Midsummer’s Eve to be a night filled with heightened mystical activity, when fairies and witches were most active. This belief found an echo in William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” further enhancing the popularity of fairies.

With Pamela “Fairy” Holland, a reputed writer, artist, and fairy historian playing a significant role in popularizing it, June 24th marked itself as a day to celebrate fairies. On this special day, fairy believers engage in vibrant storytelling, whimsical dressing, and unique festivities commemorating the mythical creatures that have sparked imaginations for centuries.

International Fairy Day Timeline

First Print and Use of the Term 'Fairy Tale'

The term fairy tale was first used by Madame d'Aulnoy who invented the term 'Contes de fées' (Fairy tales) in French.

Peter Pan – J.M. Barrie

Although not primarily about fairies, Tinker Bell became one of the most famous fairies.

Cottingley Fairies

Two young girls fooled the world into believing they’d discovered fairies at the bottom of their garden in Yorkshire, UK.

Brian Froud’s Faeries

The artist behind the visuals in The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, Brian Froud’s Faeries book with Alan Lee brought fairy folklore back into the mainstream.

FernGully: The Last Rainforest

This animated musical fantasy film featured fairies who had to protect their home from humans.

Establishment of International Fairy Day

Artist, educator and fairy enthusiast, Jessica Galbreth declared the holiday for fairy believers, lovers and artists.

Ideas to Celebrate International Fairy Day

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Fairy inspired movie marathon

Make a list of movies inspired by fairies like 'Tinkerbell', 'Peter Pan', 'Fairy Tale', etc. Arrange a movie marathon at home, provide popcorn and snacks. It's a fun-filled way for you and your friends to celebrate the day together.

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Fairy tale book club

Start a book club which will only read books based on fairy tales or about fairies. On International Fairy Day, meet with your club members to discuss the book and share what you loved or learned from the story.

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Fairy costume party

Throw a fairy themed costume party. Invite your friends and family to dress up in their best fairy costumes. Make it interesting with a contest for 'Best Fairy Costume'.

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Collective Fairy Story Telling

Arrange a story-telling session where you and your friends share your favorite fairy tales. It's an interesting way to reminisce about your childhood tales, and you might hear a new fairy story you’ve never heard before.

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Fairy Artwork Competition

Organize a fairy-themed drawing or painting competition for kids or adults. Give out prizes for the most creative and beautiful fairy art. This encourages artistic expression and appreciation for fairy lore.

7 Interesting Facts About Fairy


Fairies in Folklore

Fairies have been a popular subject in folklore for centuries. They have been known by various names such as fay, fey, fae, elf, and sprite.


The Origin of the Word 'Fairy'

The word 'fairy' originates from the Latin word 'fata' which stands for 'the Fates', supernatural women who controlled the destiny of humans.


Fairies and Shapeshifting

In folklore, fairies are known to have the ability to shapeshift. They can transform into animals, objects, or even disappear into thin air.


Fairy Rings

Fairy rings are naturally occurring mushroom formations that have been associated with fairies. Folklore states that they are the locations of fairy dances or gateways to the fairy world.


Midsummer Night's Dream

Fairies are a prominent feature in Shakespeare's play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', where the fairy king and queen, Oberon and Titania, govern a group of mischievous fairies.


The Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy tradition is believed to have started in the United States in the early 20th century. The custom involves a child who has lost a tooth placing it under their pillow at night, and waking up to find a small gift or coin from the 'tooth fairy'.


Good and Bad Fairies

Not all fairies are good. In many folk tales, there are fairies who bring good luck and fortune, while others are known to be mischievous or even malevolent.

International Fairy Day FAQs

Next International Fairy Day Dates

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2023 June 24th Saturday
2024 June 24th Monday
2025 June 24th Tuesday
2026 June 24th Wednesday
2027 June 24th Thursday
What is the pattern? Every June 24th

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