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Celebrated every year on August 4th, International Clouded Leopard Day is a significant worldwide event. Its primary purpose is to create an understanding of the clouded leopard, a unique and increasingly endangered species. The occasion serves to educate people about this elusive animal and its crucial role in the ecosystem while advocating for its protection.

Everyone, from researchers and environmental activists to animal enthusiasts and people who might not know much about this particular species, is encouraged to participate and learn about this animal’s crucial contribution to biodiversity.

History of International Clouded Leopard Day

The International Clouded Leopard Day is a globally recognized event, designed to draw attention to the plight of these stunning creatures who inhabit Southeast Asian countries such as Nepal, Thailand, China, and Borneo. The creation of this day aims to spotlight the beauty of clouded leopards, whose name derives from their distinctive cloudy-spotted coats, and communicate the dangers threatening their existence.

Regrettably, these fascinating cats are targeted by poachers for their skins and body parts. They are also victims of habitat loss due to rampant deforestation and punitive actions by humans. In fact, their population has decreased to the extent that they are now deemed vulnerable according to the IUCN Red List.

Acknowledging these perils, multiple animal enthusiasts and conservationists worldwide decided to institute International Clouded Leopard Day. This initiative was orchestrated by the National Zoological Society and a host of wildlife protection organizations, with the objective to enlighten the public on the endangered status of these species and the urgency to conserve them.

Annually on this day, several activities are organized globally. These include educational initiatives, collection of funds for conservation efforts, consciousness-raising campaigns on social media, among others, with the purpose of safeguarding these endangered big cats for future generations. The event also affords a platform for experts to discuss their research findings and propose potentially effective conservation tactics.

The ultimate ambition of International Clouded Leopard Day is to disseminate the conservation message and to inspire individuals and businesses to actively safeguard these magnificent cats and their natural habitats from further harm. It serves as a motivating force for people to make minor adjustments in their lifestyle like endorsing responsible products, actively taking part in forest preservation and raising awareness against hunting activities.

International Clouded Leopard Day Timeline

Evolution of the Genus Neofelis

The Neofelis genus, which includes clouded leopards, emerges.

End of Ice Age

End of the last ice age, leading to expansion of clouded leopard habitat.

Official Recognition and Classification

Clouded leopards were officially recognized and classified as 'Felis nebulosa'.

CITES Protection

Clouded leopards receive protection under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Genetic Difference Identified

Scientists identify significant genetic difference between mainland and Bornean clouded leopards.

International Clouded Leopard Day

International Clouded Leopard Day was initiated to raise awareness about the plight of this secretive and lesser-known cat species.

Ideas to Celebrate International Clouded Leopard Day

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Educational Webinar

Host an online webinar highlighting the significance of Clouded Leopards in the ecosystem, their habitat, threats they face, and conservation strategies. Invite ecologists, experts from wildlife sanctuaries, or passionate environmentalists as speakers.

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Fundraising Event

Set up a charity event aimed at raising funds for organizations engaged in the protection and conservation of Clouded Leopards. The event can include a silent auction, wildlife-themed merchandise sale, or a donation drive.

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Clouded Leopard Documentary Movie Night

Arrange a movie night featuring documentaries and short films about Clouded Leopards and their habitats. This will be both entertaining and illuminating for people interested in wildlife and biodiversity.

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Tree Planting Activity

Since deforestation is a major threat to the clouded leopard, organize a community tree planting day. This will help preserve habitats not only for the clouded leopard, but also for other species.

8 Interesting Facts About Clouded Leopard


Smallest Big Cat

Despite being considered as a 'big cat', the clouded leopard is actually the smallest of all big cats. They typically weigh between 30 to 50 pounds.


Named After Its Coat

The Clouded Leopard got its name due to its coat that has large cloud-like spots.


Great Climber

Clouded leopards are among the best climbers in the cat family. They are able to climb upside down underneath tree branches and hang from branches with their hind feet.



These elusive creatures show a preference for living in dense tropical and subtropical rainforests, hilly regions, and woodland areas, primarily in Southeast Asia.


Solitary Animals

Like many cat species, clouded leopards are mostly solitary. They mark their large territories with urine and spend most of their lives alone.


Swingingly Skilled

Clouded leopards are so acrobatic that they can hang from branches using their hind paws and tail. Their tail, which can be as long as their body, provides additional balance.


Endangered Species

Due to habitat loss, hunting for their skin, and capture for pet trade, clouded leopards are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.


Nocturnal Animals

Clouded leopards are nocturnal which means they are active during the night. They spend their day resting in trees.

International Clouded Leopard Day FAQs

Next International Clouded Leopard Day Dates

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2023 August 4th Friday
2024 August 4th Sunday
2025 August 4th Monday
2026 August 4th Tuesday
2027 August 4th Wednesday
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