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Celebrated each year on the 14th of June, International Bath Day is an amusing holiday that underlines the significance of maintaining proper hygiene and reveling in the pleasure of bathing. The day, inspired by the historic tale of Archimedes uncovering the laws of volume displacement in a bath, has evolved into a day to promote indulgent soaks and making bath times enjoyable, especially for kids.

This day also serves to highlight the global necessity for hygienic water and sanitation.

History of International Bath Day

The roots of International Bath Day, celebrated on June 14 every year, can be traced back to a famous Greek mathematician and scientist, Archimedes, who conceptualized a pivotal principle while bathing. This principle was all about accurately measuring an object’s volume by submerging it in water.

Overjoyed by his discovery, Archimedes ran naked through the streets shouting, “Eureka! Eureka!” — a Greek expression meaning, “I have found it!” This came to be after Archimedes was tackling a challenging task assigned by a local king, which involved determining the purity of a gold crown.

As he was bathing, he stumbled upon the realization that the water being displaced by his body in the bathtub was equal to the buoyancy that the water provided. This was later known as the Archimedes Principle, which came in handy while resolving that conundrum, and has been widely used in the fields of physics and engineering until today.

The story of this discovery transformed bathing into a moment not just of relaxation but also an opportunity for deep thought and brainstorming solutions. International Bath Day has since grown to be a fun way to encourage kids to integrate bathing into their daily habits and better understand the importance of personal hygiene.

International Bath Day Timeline

Public Baths in Ancient Greece

Public baths were widely used in Ancient Greece, often incorporating them into their social and religious life.

Roman Aqueducts and Baths

The Romans built aqueducts to supply water to urban areas and introduced the concept of public bathhouses called thermae.

Eureka Moment

While taking a bath, Archimedes realized that the volume of water displaced when he submerged his body was equal to the volume of his body.

Onsen Tradition in Japan

Japan developed the tradition of hot spring bathing or Onsen, viewed both as a form of relaxation and therapy.

Introduction of Modern Bathroom

The modern bathroom as we know it today, with plumbing and running water, was introduced in the mid-19th century in Western societies.

Mass Production of Bathtubs

With the expansion of the industrial revolution, bathtubs began to be mass-produced, becoming more accessible for the general population.

International Bath Day Celebrations

International Bath Day is celebrated worldwide to highlight the importance of baths in relaxation, wellbeing and creative thinking.

Ideas to Celebrate International Bath Day

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Luxurious Bubble Bath

Prepare a luxurious, relaxing bubble bath, using some of your favorite bath salts or bubbles. Add in some extra treats like rose petals or essential oils. Light some scented candles and enjoy the warm water as you celebrate International Bath Day.

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Reading in the Bath

Celebrate the day by enjoying one of life's true pleasures, reading in the bath. Select a book that you've been wanting to start or finish and spend some quality time relaxing in the tub with it.

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Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Visit a local spa and try out different bathing experiences that you wouldn't usually have at home. This could be a Turkish bath, jacuzzi, mud bath, or hot spring.

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Donate Bath Supplies

To celebrate International Bath Day, donate bath supplies to a local shelter. This can include items like soaps, shampoos, washcloths, and towels.

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Bath with a Movie

Set up your tablet or laptop at a safe distance and binge-watch your favorite shows or movies while enjoying a long soak in the tub.

6 Interesting Facts About Bath Day


An Ancient Tradition

Bath Day is an ancient tradition that dates back to the Roman Empire. The Romans built elaborate public baths and believed that bathing was not only for hygiene but also for socializing and relaxing.


Every Day is Not Bath Day

In medieval times, bathing was not a daily activity. In some cultures, Bath Day was only once a week or even once a year. The once-a-year Bath Day was usually before Christmas, and it was considered a luxury, not a necessity.


Multiple Bath Days

In Japan, there is a special Bath Day celebrated on December 26th, considered a day to rest after the end of the year, and also a Cleansing Day on April 4th, where the baths are believed to drive away evil spirits and purify the body.


Ritualistic Bathing

In some religions and cultures, like Islam and Hinduism, specific baths are a part of religious rituals and ceremonies.


Cleopatra's Ritual

Cleopatra, the famous queen of ancient Egypt, reportedly bathed in milk and honey to preserve her beauty. This has led to the popularity of luxurious, pampering baths on Bath Day.


Public Bathhouses

In many parts of the world, public bathhouses are still popular. In Russia, a bathhouse or 'Banya' is typically a social event, while Turkish baths or 'Hammams' blend bath culture with rich architectural designs.

International Bath Day FAQs

Next International Bath Day Dates

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2023 June 14th Wednesday
2024 June 14th Friday
2025 June 14th Saturday
2026 June 14th Sunday
2027 June 14th Monday
What is the pattern? Every June 14th

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