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In God We Trust Day is a day of observance in the United States that falls on April 22nd each year. It memorializes the momentous day in 1864 when an act was authorized by the U.S. Congress to inscribe the phrase “In God We Trust” on various forms of currency. As the official national motto of the U.S., it stands as a powerful symbol of our nation’s history and sentiments of patriotism.

The day serves as a time for all Americans to ponder their national heritage and the profound significance of this phrase, which graces our coins and banknotes.

History of In God We Trust Day

“In God We Trust Day” is celebrated each year to mark the date when “In God We Trust” was officially enacted as the national motto of the United States. This significant event took place on July 30, 1956, under the leadership of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The history of the motto goes back to the Civil War era when it first started minting on United States coins in 1864, and later appeared on paper money beginning in 1957. This widespread adoption came after a law passed by the 84th Congress, signed off by President Eisenhower, mandated that ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ be inscribed on American currency.

Interestingly, you can find a similar phrase, “In God is our trust”, in the fourth verse of the U.S national hymn, “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

Indeed, it was Congressman J. Randy Forbes who brought about the first observance of “In God We Trust Day”. On July 30, 2011, his resolution was accepted by the House of Representatives. This special day is essentially a commemoration of the spiritual heritage of America.

Despite its official status, the use of “In God We Trust” has sparked debates around the issue of the separation of church and state, as protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Nevertheless, “In God We Trust Day” today is observed by many Americans who choose to recognize and respect the spiritual bedrock upon which the nation was founded.

In God We Trust Day Timeline

First Use on Coinage

The phrase 'In God We Trust' was first inscribed on the two-cent coin.

Use on all Gold and Silver Coins

The phrase was required by law to be inscribed on all gold and silver coinage in the United States.

Adopted as the National Motto

Following a bill passed by 84th United States Congress, President Eisenhower signed into law 'In God We Trust' as the U.S. national motto.

Use on Paper Currency

The phrase began appearing on paper currency in a phased process.

Affirmation by House of Representatives

The House of Representatives affirmed 'In God We Trust' as the national motto and supported its placement in public schools and government buildings.

Ideas to Celebrate In God We Trust Day

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Community Gathering

Organize a community gathering in a local park or community center. You can invite local pastors or religious leaders to give small speeches or sermons. This would be a great opportunity for everyone to share their faith and beliefs with others.

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Educational Seminar

Organize an educational seminar discussing the history and significance of ‘In God We Trust’. Invite historians, scholars and religious leaders to talk about this topic.

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Charity Work

Celebrate the day by doing charity work. Help out at the local food bank, orphanage, or animal shelter. This act of giving back reflects the essence of most religious teachings.

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Art and Essay Contest

Organize an art and essay contest for children with the theme of 'In God We Trust'. It's an excellent way for children to express their thoughts on faith, unity, and trust in God in a creative way.

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Interfaith Dialogue

Carry out an interfaith dialogue where people from different religions are invited to talk about their beliefs and the common theme of trust in God.

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Tree Planting

Organize a tree planting event to celebrate ‘In God We Trust' day. This can symbolize nurturing our faith and the world God created.

6 Interesting Facts About In God We Trust (motto)


First Usage

The phrase 'In God We Trust' was first used on U.S. coins in 1864 in response to increased religious sentiment during the Civil War.


National Motto

'In God We Trust' has been the official U.S. national motto since 1956, when it was signed into law by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.


Legal Challenges

There have been numerous legal challenges to the use of 'In God We Trust' as the National motto, arguing that it violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. However, it has been upheld by the courts each time.


Florida State Motto

'In God We Trust' is also the state motto of Florida and was adopted as such in 2006.


Use Outside the U.S.

'In God We Trust' is also used in the coat of arms of the city of Salisbury, UK and in the logo of Melbourne, Australia based Tramway Museum Society of Victoria


Nicaragua Association

'In God we Trust' is also the motto of the Department of Estelí in Nicaragua.

In God We Trust Day FAQs

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