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Celebrated every year on June 15th, Global Wind Day is a worldwide observance that highlights the immense potential and vast capabilities of wind energy. The day focuses on the significant role that wind power can play in transforming our energy systems, supporting a low-carbon economy, and driving sustainable growth and employment.

The day is marked by various events across the globe aimed at advocating the benefits and versatility of wind as a renewable, eco-friendly energy resource.

History of Global Wind Day

Global Wind Day, celebrated annually on June 15, was initially launched as Wind Day by the European Wind Energy Association in 2007 and later by the Global Wind Energy Council in 2009. This global event aims to encourage recognition of wind energy’s potential as an effective and renewable energy source and its contribution to a healthier world environment.

Initially, Global Wind Day was a European concept, but its influence quickly grew worldwide as different nations grasped the critical role of wind energy. In 2009, the occasion was rebranded as Global Wind Day, with over 35 nations taking part to demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable and green future.

On this day, various activities are organized across the globe, including seminars, exhibitions, visits to wind farms, debates, and numerous educational programs. The aim is to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the benefits of wind power. It also motivates a new generation to explore and invest in the wind energy sector.

In its brief history, Global Wind Day has become an effective platform for enhancing the public’s acceptance and involvement in wind energy issues. It offers an optimal chance for the government, industry, and environmental organization to advocate the expansion of wind energy.

Global Wind Day has been instrumental in spreading awareness about the need to shift to renewable energy sources. It has supported policy transformations in many countries, encouraging them to invest more in the development of wind power. The day symbolizes humanity’s initial step towards achieving sustainable energy resources.

Global Wind Day Timeline

Vertical Windmills in Persia

Persians started using vertical-axis windmills for grinding grain and pumping water as early as 600 AD.

First Practical Wind Turbine

Scottish inventor James Blyth builds the first practical wind turbine.

Government Support for Wind Energy

Government policies and programs in Denmark, Germany, Spain, and the United States begin supporting the deployment of wind energy.

First Offshore Wind Farm

The Vindeby Offshore Wind Farm is established in Denmark. It was the first of its kind and consisted of 11 turbines.

Massive Growth in Wind Power

The new millennium sees massive growth in wind power.

First Global Wind Day

The first Global Wind Day was organized by European Wind Energy Association and Global Wind Energy Council.

Global Wind Day Goes Global

The celebration extended to a global level with 200 events organized in 50 different countries.

Powering 100+ Million Homes

Global Wind Day celebrated the fact that worldwide, wind power now powers over 100 million homes.

Ideas to Celebrate Global Wind Day

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Learn About Wind Power

Educate yourself and others about the importance of wind energy and how it works. Find documentaries, online courses, or even books that explain the science behind wind power and its benefits to our environment and society.

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Virtual Webinar on Wind Energy

Organize an online seminar focusing on the role of wind energy in sustainable development. Invite experts in the field to give talks and answer questions from participants.

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Visit a Wind Farm

Schedule a tour at a local wind farm. This will provide an opportunity to see wind turbines up close and learn about their operations – a unique experience for most people.

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Wind Energy Classroom Session

If you're a teacher, plan educational activities and lessons around wind power. Encourage students to create projects emphasizing the importance and advantages of wind energy.

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Promote Wind Energy on Social Media

Utilize your social media platforms to spread the word about Global Wind Day. Share facts about wind energy, its impact on combating climate change, and ways people can support wind power initiatives.

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Participate in a Clean-Up Drive

Organize or join a local clean-up activity in your area. This not only promotes a clean environment but also underlines the importance of renewable energy sources like wind power.

7 Interesting Facts About Wind


Wind Speeds

The fastest wind speed ever recorded was 253 miles per hour. It was recorded on Barrow Island, Australia on April 10, 1996.


Wind Energy

Wind power is a clean energy source as it does not pollute the air like power plants that rely on combustion of fossil fuels. The largest wind turbine in the world, located in China, is capable of generating more than 66 GWh of clean electricity per year.


Sailing Ships

Wind played a crucial role in worldwide trade in the era of sailing ships. In fact, the Age of Sail (roughly the 16th century to the mid-19th century) is known as such due to the global dependence on wind patterns to power shipping across the world.


Wind Instruments

Wind is necessary for the function of certain musical instruments called wind instruments, which include things like flutes, trumpets, and saxophones. These instruments produce sound by the musician blowing into them, creating a vibration that produces sound.


Windy Planet

The windiest place in our solar system is Neptune. Winds on this distant planet can reach up to 1,500 miles per hour, that's more than double the speed of sound on Earth!


Trade Winds

Trade winds were named by the merchants who used these winds for trade routes in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. They are steady and blow towards the equator from the northeast in the northern hemisphere or the southeast in the southern hemisphere.


Wind and Erosion

Wind plays a major role in the process of erosion – the wearing away of the Earth's surface by wind, water, and ice. It is what helps shape desert landscapes, creates sand dunes, and causes rock formations to develop interesting shapes.

Global Wind Day FAQs

Next Global Wind Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 15th Thursday
2024 June 15th Saturday
2025 June 15th Sunday
2026 June 15th Monday
2027 June 15th Tuesday
What is the pattern? Every June 15th

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