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Every year on the first Wednesday of June, people from around the globe enthusiastically participate in Global Running Day. This wellness event aims to inspire and motivate individuals of all ages to stay active through running. This inclusive event invites anyone and everyone, from novice joggers to skilled athletes, to take part in this worldwide celebration of running. Getting involved is easy as all that’s needed are running shoes.

On Global Running Day, millions of people across the world make the commitment to physical fitness by running on local trails, pavement, or a treadmill, fostering a sense of global unity within the running community.

History of Global Running Day

Global Running Day is a celebration of running that takes place across the globe, inspiring individuals everywhere to get active. It originated from the United States as National Running Day, which started in 2009. The day was created by major running organizations and races nationwide, with an aim to inspire people to engage in running as a beneficial, straightforward and easily accessible physical activity. The inaugural National Running Day, which was on June 3, 2009, attracted tens of thousands of participants.

As the age of social media and global connectivity advanced, National Running Day captured the attention of international audiences. Therefore, in 2016, National Running Day was rebranded to Global Running Day to reflect its worldwide participant base and to engage more people worldwide in running activities.

In 2017, the Million Kid Run was incorporated as part of Global Running Day to inspire a love for running amongst younger audiences.

Throughout the years, Global Running Day has engaged millions of individuals from more than 150 countries through pledges to engage in some form of running activity. Special running events of various scales are organised globally in accordance with this day.

The steady growth of Global Running Day displays the global appeal of running and the global community’s desire to celebrate their shared passion for the sport, irrespective of their fitness level or running expertise. It’s now more than a day, it’s a global celebration of fitness, where people of all ages and capabilities are inspired to run, jog, walk or move as they see fit.

Global Running Day Timeline

Running as Hunting Technique

Ancient humans used running as a form of persistence hunting, chasing prey until it wore out.

Ancient Olympic Games

Running was one of the oldest categories in the ancient Olympic games.

Beginning of Modern Athletics

Running events were included as key components of athletic competitions.

Modern Olympic Games

Running was included as a major event in the first modern Olympic Games.

Global Running Day Introduction

Initially, it was called National Running Day, focused only in the United States.

Global Retitling

The day was renamed as Global Running Day to demonstrate the worldwide passion for running.

Continued Celebration

The day continued to be celebrated globally with millions participating in running activities, both offline and online.

Ideas to Celebrate Global Running Day

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Charity Run

Set up a charity run to give your workout a higher purpose. Let participants choose their favorite cause to donate to or choose a specific cause the event will benefit.

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Running Seminar

Invite a professional athlete or a coach to provide an online seminar or webinar about running techniques, nutrition or injury prevention. This will help participants to improve their running skills and knowledge.

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Family Run

Encourage your family to run together in honor of Global Running Day. This doesn’t just promote the sport, it also fosters stronger family bonds and health consciousness.

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Create a Running Playlist

Share your favorite running songs with your friends or on your social media platforms. Music can be a huge motivational tool and you might help someone discover their new favorite running track.

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Fitness Challenge

Set up a month-long fitness challenge that starts on Global Running Day. Encourage people to commit to running a certain amount of miles every day or reaching certain running goals by the end of the month.

8 Interesting Facts About Running


Humans are born to run

According to evolutionary theories, humans are naturally designed to be excellent endurance runners. Features like long legs, short toes, and a unique tendon in our neck make it easier for us to maintain a steady pace over long distances.


Benefits to the Brain

Running not only benefits physical health but also mental health. It can boost your mood and mental alertness. Research has shown that it could help reduce symptoms in people with depression.


Running shoes weren't invented until the 1970s

Although humans have been running for thousands of years, running shoes with cushioned heels and stiff arches weren't invented until the late 1970s.


Running Enhances Skin Health

Regular exercise like running can actually slow the aging process in your skin. This is due to increased blood flow which delivers nutrients to skin cells while flushing away waste products.


Running Can Improve Sleep Quality

Research has shown that regular runners have a higher sleep quality and better concentration during the day.


Fastest Marathon Ever

The fastest marathon ever run was by Eliud Kipchoge from Kenya, who completed the 26.2 miles in just 1 hour, 59 minutes and 40 seconds in Vienna, Austria, during the INEOS 1:59 Challenge in 2019.


Keep Cool While Running

During running, the human body produces energy that generates heat. To avoid overheating, sweat is produced which provides a cooling effect for the body.


Running Culture in Ancient Greece

In Ancient Greece, running was one of the most highly regarded sports. The Olympic games, which honored the god Zeus, had only one event for the first 13 games - a sprint.

Global Running Day FAQs

Next Global Running Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 7th Wednesday
2024 June 5th Wednesday
2025 June 4th Wednesday
2026 June 3rd Wednesday
2027 June 2nd Wednesday
What is the pattern? First Wednesday in June

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