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Each year, on June 17th, communities across the globe take part in celebrating Global Garbage Man Day. This day is all about recognizing the essential role sanitation workers play in our society, from collecting our trash to ensuring environmental cleanliness. The day encourages us to express appreciation and acknowledge the dedication these professionals put into their often underappreciated jobs.

In essence, Global Garbage Man Day shines a spotlight on these hardworking individuals, reinforcing their importance in not just maintaining cleanliness, but also in controlling environmental pollution.

History of Global Garbage Man Day

Every year on June 17th, we celebrate Global Garbage Man Day. This day has been set aside to honor the hard-working individuals who contribute to society by maintaining cleanliness and waste disposal in our public spaces.

John D. Arwood, the CEO of American waste disposal and demolition company, Arwood Waste, birthed this concept. Back in 2012, he contemplated on the waste management workers who often toil in the shadows without public recognition. He strongly believed that these tireless workers, who play a pivotal role in our cities’ cleanliness, needed to be appreciated, which led to the inception of this special day.

In 2013, the first ever Global Garbage Man Day was launched by John D. Arwood. His intention was to celebrate the unwavering dedication and effort displayed by those employed in the waste management sector. Since these roles are often seen as thankless, the establishment of Global Garbage Man Day seeks to remind society of the importance that these sanitation professionals hold in our day to day lives.

The Day began its celebration in the United States, but over the years, it has gained global attention and is now commemorated worldwide.

The core objective of this day is to foster respect and awareness for garbage collectors and waste management staff. They deserve more than mere recognition; they deserve our gratitude and celebration for the integral role they play in preserving our environment.

Global Garbage Man Day Timeline

Early Waste Management

Early civilizations, such as the Romans and Greeks, begin creating waste dumps outside their cities and employing people to transport waste.

Adapting to Wartime Needs

Garbage men play a crucial role in collecting metals and other recyclable materials to support war efforts.

First Earth Day

Increased environmental consciousness leads to modern waste management practices, revolutionizing the role of garbage men.

Introduction of Automated Trucks

Introduction of automated garbage trucks making waste collection more efficient and changing the traditional duties of garbage men.

Inception of Global Garbage Man Day

John D. Arwood, CEO of Arwood Waste, launches the first ever Global Garbage Man Day.

Essential Workers During Pandemic

Acknowledged as essential workers during COVID-19 pandemic, providing critical service of waste management.

Continual Celebration

The day continues to be celebrated every year on June 17, to honor the hard work done by men and women who work in the waste and recycling industry.

Ideas to Celebrate Global Garbage Man Day

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Community Clean-up Drive

Organize a cleanup campaign around your community or neighborhood. Involve your family, friends, and neighbors. At the end of the day, invite your local garbage collectors to a small get-together as a show of appreciation for their work.

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Thank You Breakfast

Prepare a simple breakfast for your local garbage men when they come to pick up your trash. A simple meal and a thank you note can go a long way in showing your gratitude.

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Social Media Shoutout

Use your social media platforms to acknowledge the hard work of your local garbage collectors. A simple shout-out can raise awareness among your network about their important role in society.

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Personalized Thank You Gifts

Prepare a small thank-you gift for your garbage collector. This could include items like gloves, winter hats, water bottles, or even a small gift card to a local restaurant. Make sure to attach a thank you note expressing your gratitude for their work.

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Volunteer for a Day

Offer to assist your local garbage men for a day and experience first-hand the hard work they put in. Not only is this a great way to show your appreciation but it can also open your eyes to the realities of their profession.

7 Interesting Facts About Garbage Men


Superior Fitness

The work Garbage Men do is physically demanding, requiring them to lift and carry heavy items. On a single shift, they can burn up to 1,500 – 3,000 calories. This makes them among some of the fittest workers in any profession.


Early Start

Garbage Men can begin their collections as early as 5 or 6 am. They generally finish their routes by the late afternoon, but this can fluctuate depending on the number of pickups and the size of the area they're assigned to.


Inventor of Garbage Trucks

George Dempster, who was a garbage man, invented the garbage truck in the 1930s. He invented a system where containers could be mechanically filled into the truck, creating a more efficient waste collection process.


High Risk Job

Being a Garbage Man is more dangerous than you might think. Trash and garbage collection ranks as the 5th most dangerous job in America with a higher fatality rate than police officers or firefighters due to risks of crushed by equipment, struck by cars, or exposure to harmful substances.


Green Pursuits

Garbage Men play a vital role in recycling. They know how to separate recyclable materials from regular trash, helping to reduce carbon emissions and save natural resources.


Catcher in The Waste

Occasionally, Garbage Men find valuable items that have been accidentally thrown away. There have been stories of garbage men finding and returning everything from jewelry to valuable artworks.


Sorting Champions

Garbage men don’t just collect garbage, they are becoming increasingly adept at helping to sort it. With increasingly sophisticated recycling schemes, garbage men have to learn to identify and separate a wide range of recyclable materials.

Global Garbage Man Day FAQs

Next Global Garbage Man Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 17th Saturday
2024 June 17th Monday
2025 June 17th Tuesday
2026 June 17th Wednesday
2027 June 17th Thursday
What is the pattern? Every June 17th

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